Anker Bridge

When I posted a link to my post Bridges to my Facebook page, one of my friends commented that an Anker bridge should be added.

Therefore, tonight you get an Ankerstein bridge.

Ankerstein, Bridge, Blocks, Toy Blocks, Stone Blocks, Building blocksThis construction is built with set NF12 which is the first four boxes of the Ankerstein system.

For this there is no fancy name in the plan book, it is just called Bridge.

Ankerstein, Bridge NF12, Building blocks, Anchor Blocks, Plan BookHere is the drawing from the NF12 plan book. The Ankerstein plan books have wonderful illustrations.

Ankerstein Bridge, NF12, Building blocks, Anchor BlocksHere is an overhead view of the bridge showing some of the detail that you can add to a structure when building with Ankerstein.

Bridge, Ankerstein, Arches, Building BlocksHere is a closer look at the arches that support the bridge span. Can you imagine water flowing through the arches? Can you see how a structure like the Burgauer Brücke may have inspired this building plan?

Pedestrian Bridge, Steps on Bridge, Ankerstein Bridge, Anchor Stones, Building BlocksIf you look at the bridge from the end you can see that it is designed as a pedestrian bridge. The steps are always fun to build.

Anker Bridge, Artistic Shot, Pedestrian Bridge, Bridge Towers, Building BlocksOne more artistic shot. Here is a picture of the tower on one end taken through the round opening of the tower on the opposite end.

It took a lot of patience to build the bridge, but it looked really nice when I was finished. Does it look like the plan?

After admiring the bridge for a few days I tore it down and built a bear cage.

For more Ankerstein structures click on:

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Anker Wartburg

I need to get my building table cleared off and build something 🙂


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