Celebration Time

Friday is Independence Day and many people are gearing up for BBQ’s, picnics and fireworks. With the 4th of July falling on a Friday many people will have a nice kick off to the three day weekend.

Some will also take Thursday off, so I hope that I have an easy commute in the morning as I expect the drive home to be painful with people fleeing the Bay Area for a long weekend.

Fireworks - Blue - 4th of JulyOf course there will be some beautiful fireworks gracing the skies on Friday night. I will hopefully get some good pictures to share.

I have some very good memories of fireworks shows. You can read about them in Fireworks Memories.

World's Largest Turtule Race, Ashland, Kansas, 4th of July, Turtle Race, Small TownI am also having memories of the annual World’s Largest Turtle Race in Ashland, Kansas, which is one of the towns that I grew up in.

You can read more about a Small Town 4th of July in the post I wrote two years ago.

Click on the link above if you want to see me marching in a parade wearing a Boy Scout uniform.

Frank Andrea Miller - Spirit of '76 - Editorial Cartoon - 4th of July - Des Moines Register - FreedomYou may also like my post, Spirit of ’76, where I shared this editorial cartoon by Frank Andrea Miller.

For a complete list of his editorial cartoons that I have shared, click on: Frank Andrea Miller

It is also turning out to be a Noisy Night, but not for the same reason that I wrote the post about a noisy night.

I am looking forward to a relaxing 4th of July with World Cup matches and then a BBQ with a co-worker before the local fireworks show.

Do you have big plans for Independence Day?


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