On to Istanbul

Today we journeyed on to Istanbul which is our last stop on the tour.

Call to Prayer, Antalya Mosque, morning wake up call We had an early morning wake up call as we had a morning flight from Antalya to Istanbul. However, we were up before the wake up call as we were awoken by the morning call to prayer. During the trip we were often woken up at 4:30 by the call to prayer.

In Antalya this minaret was probably less then 50 meters from our room.

Tour Bus Driver - Antalya, Turkey - Tour BusThis was the last time to board the bus with our trusty bus driver. He was a great driver and treated all of us well. He kept a spotless bus and took us in and out of many narrow spaces. We have a new driver in Istanbul and we already miss Mustafa.

Atlas Airlines - Antalya to Istanbul - View from the planeWe were soon at the airport and in the air for our flight to Istanbul. We flew over some beautiful snow covered mountains along the way. You can see from the picture that I am sitting well behind the wing. Only one row behind us on the plane.

Hagia Sofia - Church, Mosque, Museum, Istanbul, TurkeyOur first stop in Istanbul was the Hagia Sophia Museum. The building was originally constructed as a church, but later became a mosque. Today the building is a museum and the source of much controversy as to what level of restoration to make.

More on the Hagia Sophia in a future post.

Hagia Sofia, Mosque, Church, Museum, Istanbul, TurkeyHere also is a picture of the exterior of the Hagia Sophia museum. You can see the varied architecture of the building.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Shopping, Cultural, TurkeyThen we were off to the Grand Bazaar. This was a fabulous place with hallway after hallway of stores and shops. You can find many different items in the Grand Bazaar.

Scarves - Grand Bazaar - Istanbul - ShoppingOne of my friends bought scarves at this shop. It was interesting to watch the haggling over prices and also the beautiful ways that the shopkeepers would display their merchandise.

I did buy a few small items along the way, but nothing too much.

We almost ran out of time and had to find a place where we could get food to go. We ate our food while on the way to our next destination.

Bosphorus Cruise - Asia - Europe - Bosphorus River - MansionsOur last activity for the day was a cruise on the Bosphorus. We had a great time looking at the beautiful mansions along the strait on both the Europe and Asian side.

Elite World Hotel - Istanbul - Turkey - Hotel in IstanbulWe are back in Asia tonight, but will be back in Europe for part of the day tomorrow.

After a nice dinner, some of us took a walk to Taksim Square. The square was beautiful at night. Since it was a Saturday night the square had many people around and also some people keeping an eye on them šŸ™‚

Tomorrow we look at some more sights in Istanbul and then it is time to fly home on Monday.


Make sure you visit my Turkey page to find out more information and for links to the blogs of other tour members. We all have our unique styles and perspectives so visit all of them.


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  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Such a magnificent city!

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