Antakya to Adana

Today has been a long day with a bus journey from Antakya to Adana and stops at two sites where we were out in the sun.

This report will be mostly pictures, but I will follow up with more information in the future with many of the sites we visit on the trip.

Luggage on Bus - Tour of Turkey - Crossroads of Ancient Civilization After getting our luggage loaded onto the bus, we headed off to visit our first site of the day.

Turkish Military - Syrian Border  - Antakya We were driving very close to the Syrian border. We came to a checkpoint and found that we had missed our turn for the site we were going to visit. We could tell that we were near the border as there was significant military presence in the area.

Tel Ta'yinat - Antakya - Neo-Hittite - Temple Our first stop was at Tel Ta’yinat. The tel is in a bend of the Orontes river and was the home of Neo-Hittites. The main feature of the site is a temple that is very similar in size and construction as Solomon’s Temple.

If you look closely you can see the layout of the temple in the picture above.

Bee on Thistle - Pollen covered bee  - thistle - beeI also took many pictures of flowers and thistles at the site. The picture above is one of my favorites. The bee is covered with pollen.

Lunch in Turkey - Lunch in Osmaniye - Spicy LambWe then had a long drive to Osmaniye where we had lunch. The spicy lamb dish that I had was really delicious.

Osmaniye is known for peanuts and several of us bought them from a nut shop.

Karatep Aslantas - Neo-Hittite - Rosetta Stone - Phoenician and LuwianWe then went to Karatep Aslantas which is another Neo-Hittite site. Here we looked at reconstructions of the city gate areas. The remains are full of writing and this was fortunate as they were the key to unlocking the Luwian language that was spoken by the Hittites. The inscriptions are both in Phoenician and Luwian.

Storm God - Karatep Aslantas - Large Statue

There was also a large statue of what the guides called a Storm God. The statue is standing on the back of two bulls.

Just to be sure, the Storm God is the one on the left side of the picture.

karatep aslantas model - neo-hittites - model There was also a small museum at the site and they had a neat little model of how the city gates and wall would have looked.

Hierapolis Kastabala - Turkey - Antiochus IV - Alexander the GreatAfter leaving Karatep Aslantas, we made a stop along the road to take pictures of Hierapolis Kastabala. This site has a long history and may have been the site of an early church.

The site was initially know as Kastabala and Alexander the Great stopped here on his way to the Battle of Issus. The city was later re-established as a Hellenistic city by Antiochus IV.

It has been a very long day and I am really tired. We had a good meal and then went out for dessert to a baklava shop. It was wonderful.

I have been fighting with the network connections for too long now, and it is time to send this off and get some sleep.


Remember to check out my Turkey page for links to more posts.



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3 Responses to Antakya to Adana

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Thoroughly enjoying your tour around my country. You get to see it all, whilst I get to read all about your adventures from the comfort of home 🙂

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