Little League Football

Football season is coming to a climax with the last regular season games in College and the NFL being played this month. The bowl games and playoffs are coming soon and the final teams are being determined.

Back in August I shared a cartoon from my Grandma’s scrapbooks about kids playing Baseball.

Now it is time for the follow-up cartoon about Football.

Football - Little League - Frank Miller - Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoon - Des Moines Register

I really like the caption of this great editorial cartoon by Frank Andrea Miller:

We Didn’t Have a Little League When We Were Kids But We Sure Had Fun

This cartoon is from 1958 and was published in the Des Moines Register.

This cartoon does not bring back as many memories as the one for baseball. Then again, I didn’t play organized football.

I did play a lot of flag football, especially in PE classes in Junior High. I was never much of a football player. I was a small kid until after I graduated from High School.

The best known league for youth football is the Pop Warner Little Scholars program. I know that there are others as well, as we have youth football where I live and it is not part of the Pop Warner program.

Pop Warner started way back in 1929 and shortly after this cartoon was published it was officially incorporated as a national non-profit organization. Today there are just a few states, including Iowa, where there are no Pop Warner leagues.

You may also enjoy the post I wrote about an Old Football Program a couple months ago.

What are your memories about playing football?


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2 Responses to Little League Football

  1. Sheryl says:

    Fun cartoon. . . trivia fact: Little League was founded at Williamsport Pennsylvania which is only about 20 miles from McEwensville.

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