Home Pride Update L – Why Blog about Bread?

I have not written a Home Pride Update for awhile, so thought I would see if there has been any recent news.

Breads from Flowers Foods - Home Pride Wheat - Nature's Own Wheat Bread - Home Pride Update

Unfortunately, the only news is about dividends from Flowers Foods and not about the opening of bakeries or territory expansion. There should be some news before the end of the year for a bakery in Nevada.

I often get asked why I blog about bread. I do not work in the food industry, so why blog about bread?

I will start with the selfish reason. After writing the posts Not My Bread!!, Baking Bread and Home Pride Update I started to get a lot of visits to my blog from people searching for information about Home Pride bread.

Sliced Bread - Best Thing Since Sliced Bread - Baking BreadOf course, I started to write about what people wanted to see and I started my quest for the replacement bread.

I also followed and wrote about the fate of the other brands from Hostess as people were looking for information on all of them .

However, there are other reasons that I am  passionate about my bread.

My grandfather worked in a bread bakery when he was going to Bible College in Iowa. I plan on writing about it someday, but need to do more research.

I lived in a farming community while growing up and even worked the wheat harvest the summer after I graduated.

I came very close to joining the Grain Science program at Kansas State University.

While in college I worked for a grocery store and saw many different types of bread pass through my checkout lane.

Bunny Bread - Bunny Sandwich - Bunny Whole Grain Wheat - Home Pride Replacement - Bread Aisle

Also, I just like bread 🙂

Bread is a staple food that often brings back memories. As I went through my quest and tried different breads some of them brought back some very good memories. Especially Roman Meal bread.

Roman Meal Bread - Sandwich - Toast - Home Pride Replacement

So, now you know a little bit about the motivation behind more than 50 posts about bread on my blog.

Do you have some favorite bread memories?


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks

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5 Responses to Home Pride Update L – Why Blog about Bread?

  1. Xebache777 says:

    I miss my Home pride wheat bread. :(. When i was a kid they Disc. my favorite toy ( Major Matt Mason ) – then my favorite cereal ( Buckwheats ) and then my PB n J foundation disappears!!!! Then it’s supposedly back – but where! Curses. Common, I live outside of Buffalo – I mean 4 straight Superbowl “Loses”, Oh the agony. Homepride wheat, fresh-soft with Jiff and Smuckers Red Raspberry preserves w/seeds ( room temp ) and 2% Milk. Just what this fat ol guy craves. LOL – good article.

  2. Nikki says:

    Today I bought a loaf of home pride butter top wheat bread at Wegmen’s!

  3. NoLongerBreadlessInMass says:

    Found my beloved Home Pride Wheat bread at our local grocery store tonight(Stop & Shop Northampton MA). Finally!!! And this is going to sound ridiculous, but I actually teared up a little when I saw it. First thing I did after I got home was make some toast and slather it with jam, I have sooooo missed my Home Pride Wheat with jam, it was, and will now again be, my go to quick, warm, yummy snack.

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  5. Tammy says:

    I know and miss my home pride bread, since I moved to minnesota from Ohio. My mother said home pride bread is back in Ohio. However I want to know when it will come to Minnesota again.

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