Home Pride Update XLIV – Home Pride is Back

Some of you thought that this day would never come, but today Home Pride Bread returned to the shelves.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Breads - Flowers Foods - Bread Sold - Merita - Wonder Bread - Butternut - Home Pride Returns

Unfortunately, I have not been able to see the return for myself. I will be out of the country until this weekend. However, I have been watching the news reports.

Many different news sources are talking about the return of the former Hostess bread brands. They have been focusing more on the iconic Wonder Bread brand, but Home Pride Bread is also getting a few mentions.

Flowers Foods is also focusing on Wonder Bread, as it will be marketed nationwide as their National brand White Bread. They have resurrected the Wonder Bread Website and Facebook pages and are flooding social media with mini-ads and teasers. I snagged one of them to help illustrate this post.

Wonder is Back - Wonder Bread - Classic White Bread - Return of Wonder Bread - Hostess Brands - Flowers Foods

Image is from the Wonder Bread Facebook page.

I have not heard any personal reports from my friends in California about whether they have seen Home Pride in the stores, but I did receive this comment on my Comeback Monday post.

I walked into Stop n Shop in Massachusetts today, saw the Home Pride and almost fainted. This was before coming to this site…haven’t been here in a month. Just a fantastic lunch break today. Had a few samples and they haven’t lost their touch. Love Home Pride bread and have admired this site for a while. Thanks for the passion!!!

I at least have a personal account that Home Pride is back in Massachusetts.

Flowers Foods also posted a press release. Here are a two important statements about the return of the Hostess breads.

“We’re thrilled to be baking these wonderful breads and know that millions of consumers will be smiling when they find their favorite back in their grocery store,”

“Where ever these brands were available before within our market area—they are returning,” Aldredge explained. “We do not yet have national distribution, so these brands will not be available to all consumers. We are rapidly expanding our market and working hard to make sure everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite bread in the future.”

You can find a map of the Flowers Foods distribution area by clicking here: Flowers Food Distribution Map

Sacramento Bakery - Flowers Foods - Hostess Brands - Wonder Bread - Bakery - Purchase - Home Pride Bread

Image from Google Street View – Sacramento Bakery

In previous posts I have written about Flowers Foods plans to open the former Hostess bakeries that they bought. They will evaluate their market needs and make decisions as to when to open them up again.

Yesterday the Sacramento Bee posted an article about the potential re-opening of the Sacramento bakery.  I am optimistic that it will open sooner than later so that I will have really fresh bread.

I believe that Flowers Foods will soon need additional production capacity as they build their business in one of the largest bread markets in the country.

Did you see Home Pride Bread on the shelves when you went shopping today?

I am looking forward to my trip home and being able to enjoy Home Pride Bread again.


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7 Responses to Home Pride Update XLIV – Home Pride is Back

  1. Lyle Krahn says:

    Ironic that you are away when this happens.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Great news!! Thanks!

  3. Mary Jo says:

    Steven – you are SO lucky — I’m very jealous! Despite all the news reports on radio in the Detroit area, we will not be getting Home Pride back here in Michigan. According to Flowers Foods website, they are using their own bakeries and none of the ones previously used by Hostess. Their distribution map shows us in the Midwest are out of luck. I can’t wait to hear how good your first sandwich in over 9 months tastes 😦 Thanks SO much for all your hard work keeping all of us Home Pride addicts advised. Maybe someday….

  4. Don says:

    My wife called me from Vons in Carlsbad CA on 9/24…they had one loaf of Home Pride on the shelf (best by 10/2 on label)…she scored it for me! Clerk there couldn’t tell her if there HAD been more or WOULD be more…It’s half gone now and can’t tel any difference from before…

  5. Amanda says:

    Its back in MA for sure! Ive been waiting and looking, and today, IT was there!! (Stop and Shop in Stoughton ma.) HOORAY! My dad (RIP) Loved this bread, and I was heartbroken when it was gone. but thank goodness its back. nothing has taken its place, and im so thankful Flower has bought it and put it back out.. THANK YOU! 🙂

  6. I almost fainted when I saw 2 loaves of HomePride Wheat bread on the shelf at Dollar General in Oolitic Indiana 2 weeks ago. I bought both and put one in the freezer. Haven’t seen any since. I have even come home and checked the bread just to make sure I hadn’t dreamed it.

  7. cullenw123 says:

    Flowers Foods will have it nationwide within 3 years and for one thing they know how to make the best bread on the market and it is all natural no preservatives just plain old vinegar, and it stays first for at least 7 days past the date posted on the bag so don’t throw it out and never put bread in frig it dries it out, if anything put in freezer it doesn’t

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