Home Pride Update XXVI – Vacation Bread

I am on vacation and visiting family in the Midwest which gives me a chance to try a few new breads. Since I have had a long day with family this will be a short post. We did have a very nice brisket dinner tonight and a great desert made by my brother-in-law.

I also have not had time to check news to see if there is anything new about the return of the major Hostess bread brands including Home Pride Bread.

However, the quest for a temporary replacement continued today.

For lunch I was able to try one of the local breads.

Rotella's Italian Wheat Bread - Omaha, Nebraska - Vacation Bread

I had a great sandwich made from Rotella’s Italian Wheat bread that is from Rotella’s Italian Bakery of Omaha, Nebraska. I really like the bread for sandwiches.

Then later in the day my brother showed up from Missouri with a loaf of bread that should be available soon in California.

Nature's Own Butterbread - Flowers Foods - Home Pride Bread Replacement

He brought me a loaf of Nature’s Own Butterbread. I am excited to try this bread as it is distributed by Flowers Foods who bought the major Hostess bread brands. Nature’s Own is their flagship brand, so I am hoping that it will soon be available in their new distribution regions in California.

Butterbread - Nature's Own Butterbread - Home Pride Replacment? - Vacation Bread

I have not yet opened the package of bread, but plan on making toast with it in the morning. I will see how it compares with Home Pride Wheat bread.

One of the interesting things about travel is being able to try new foods or new brands. In this case I am paying a little more attention to bread :-). But, I stopped by a grocery store earlier today and also saw a lot of regional brands that brought back memories from when I lived in Omaha several decades ago.

I will write a longer post about Butterbread once I have given it a try.

Hopefully regulatory approval for the purchase of Home Pride Bread will come soon for Flowers foods.


To see my other posts about bread or other Hostess products, click on Home Pride Bread.

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