Home Pride Update XXV – Countdown to Twinkies

I have been checking the news and there has not been any more news about Flowers Foods, who purchased the major Hostess bread brands including Home Pride Bread. In my last Home Pride Update I mentioned that they recently had their annual shareholder meeting and announced a stock split and increased dividend.

I did find one set of interesting news articles about the new Hostess Brands LLC company and the return of Twinkies. The former snack cake plant in Emporia, Kansas had a ribbon cutting this last week and is starting to gear up for production. They have hired a large number of former Hostess employees and it is expected that Twinkies, and other Hostess snack cakes, will be back on the shelves again in July. The new company has plans to revitalize the production plant and also expand it. This is great news for those of you who have been missing Twinkies and Zingers.

The countdown to the return to Twinkies is getting much shorter. I would not be surprised to see an exact return date announced within the next couple of weeks. For those of you who are eating Twinkie Wannabes, the wait is almost over.

I also want to correct something from my Home Pride Update XXIV – More Rainbo Bread post. Based on comments from others and more investigation I have determined that Rainbo is distributed in California by Bimbo/Earthgrains and not by Flowers Foods.

This may play to Flowers Foods advantage when the regulatory commission looks at market share. Bimbo recently had to sell the distribution rights to Sara Lee and Earthgrains bread in California and several other markets to Flowers Foods to meet the requirements of the Regulatory Commission. Since Bimbo has re-introduced Rainbo into California, this may smooth the approval of Flowers Foods takeover of the Hostess brands.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued - Butter Top

In the last couple of weeks I have been running a head to head test between Rainbo Butter Top Wheat bread and Rainbo Butter Top White Bread. The Wheat has just a slight edge on taste, but the White makes better toast. It has a little bit of a sweet taste that is interesting.

I have also been trying out another Rainbo Bread variety.

Rainbo Old Fashion Wheat Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - Earthgrains Bakeries - Flowers Foods

Rainbo Old Fashion Wheat Bread just did not live up to the name. The taste is OK, but it does not have as good of texture as the Butter Top varieties. It also does not toast as well. It is being relegated to the list of breads that have not passed the test.

Here is the current scorecard for my bread testing.

The front runners are Rainbo Butter Top White, Rainbo Butter Top Wheat, Roman Meal Sungrain 100% Whole Wheat and Roman Meal Thin Sliced Sandwich Bread.

Rainbo Butter Top White - Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - Hostess - Flowers FoodsRainbo Butter Top Wheat - Home Pride Replacement? - Rainbo - Flowers FoodsRoman Meal Sungrain bread - Home Pride Replacement quest - Sandwich and Toast breadRoman Meal Thin Sliced Sandwich Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - Hostess Replacement? - Bread Quest - Toast

The breads that have not passed the test are Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat , Safeway’s Butter Top Wheat, Oroweat Soft Family 100% Whole Wheat, Oven Joy, Sara Lee Honey Wheat, Bimbo Soft Wheat Family, Cascade Pride Split Top Wheat , Oroweat simply 100% Whole Wheat, Open Nature 100% Whole Wheat Bread, Rainbo Wheat Bread, Rainbo White Bread and Rainbo Old Fashion Wheat Bread.

Sara Lee Whole Wheat bread - Home Pride Replacement Take 2Safeway Kitchens Butter Top Wheat Bread - Not as good as Home PrideOroweat Soft Family 100% Whole Wheat - Home Pride Replacement? - Third CandidateSafeway - Oven Joy Wheat Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - Wheat BreadSara Lee - Honey Wheat - Sandwich - Toast - Hostess - Home Pride Replacement? - Honey Wheat BreadBimbo Soft Wheat Family Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - The Bread Quest - Bimbo Brands Cascade Pride Split Top Wheat - WinCo - Home Pride Replacement - Sandwich - Toast - Butter Top?Oroweat Simply 100% Whole Wheat - Home Pride Bread Replacement? - The Bread QuestOpen Nature 100% Whole Wheat Bread - Lucerne - Safeway - Home Pride Replacement - Flowers FoodsRainbo Wheat Bread - Sara Lee - Grupo Bimbo - Flowers Foods - Home Pride Replacement?Rainbo Large White - Sara Lee - Grupo Bimbo - Flowers Foods - Home Pride ReplacementRainbo Old Fashion Wheat Bread - Grupo Bimbo - Wheat Bread - Home Pride Replacement?

You can click on the bread names above to visit the posts where I reviewed them.

I will be doing a bit of travel during the rest of the month so have not yet picked another bread to test. I will however get to try a Nature’s Own variety this week when I visit my family in the Midwest. My mom is bringing me a loaf to try. I am not sure which variety she will be bringing. I am definitely looking forward to trying it out and am hoping that distribution here in the Central Valley of California will start soon.

Hopefully regulatory approval for the purchase of Home Pride Bread will come soon for Flowers foods.


To see my other posts about bread or other Hostess products, click on Home Pride Bread.

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6 Responses to Home Pride Update XXV – Countdown to Twinkies

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Yay, for my Twinkies!! Thanks

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  3. Gayle says:

    I have been following your posts about the Home Pride bread but I also did not find any updates its return. I have not found any replacements either

  4. Suzyk says:

    So when can we anticipate the return of the wonder Home Pride Wheat Bread?

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  6. Karlie Sundberg says:

    I’m convinced that the original Home Pride bread recipe is being made in to Natures Own Honey Wheat brand. I too was devastated when home pride was no longer made. As this was the one thing that makes me feel better when unwell. When it “came back” on the market it was not the same. The recipe had undeniable changed. I tried many brands like you. I did find nature own butter bread as you did. But it was the Honey Wheat that is the “one”. The Honey wheat line is the exact same taste at the original Home Pride.

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