Fiesta Time

This weekend I went to the Apricot Fiesta in Patterson, California. In yesterday’s post about my Blogiversary I shared pictures from the Saturday night fireworks show.

On Sunday afternoon I walked around visiting the different booths and watched some of the entertainment.

We will start off with a couple pictures of the star attraction of the fiesta.

Apricot - Prunus armeniaca - Apricot Fiesta - Patterson, California

Of course, since it is the Apricot Fiesta the star is Prunus armeniaca. The scientific name for the apricot comes from the country Armenia, but it most likely originated in either China or India. The apricot was also associated with Damascus and in South America is know as the damasco.

Apricots - Prunus armeniaca - Apricot Fiesta - Patterson, California, damasco

Almost all the apricot production in the USA is in the San Joaquin Valley of California, and Patterson is the Apricot Capital of the USA. However, the USA is not among the top apricot producing countries in the world. The top country for apricot production is Turkey.

I really love the beautiful color of the apricots. They also have a wonderful taste.

Apricot Ice Cream - Apricot Fiesta - Hand Churned Ice Cream - Boy Scouts - Patterson, California

I also had to get a taste of the apricot ice cream that was being sold by the Boy Scouts. Of course, since I am an Eagle Scout I wanted to support the Boy Scouts. The ice cream was hand churned and very delicious.

Apricot Ice Cream - Patterson, California - Apricot Fiesta

I decided to get my scoop of ice cream in a cup since it was a hot day and I didn’t want to deal with a dripping cone. Of course, the cone would have made for a much cooler picture. The ice cream hit the spot on a very hot day.

After I finished my apricot ice cream I visited the museum. I took some neat pictures, but will save them for a future post about the museum.

I then went and watched some of the entertainment while waiting for one of the very special events of the fiesta.

Traditional Dancing - Cowboy, Rancher Dance - Cutural Dance - Mexican Dance

I really enjoyed the young people who were dancing. They performed some of the traditional dances from the early history of California. This area of California has a very rich agriculture heritage dating back to the early Spanish ranches and land grants and it was reflected in their dances.

Finally one of the most highly anticipated events came to the center stage.

Pie Eating Contest - Apricot Fiesta - Apricot Pies - Food Eating Contest

The pie eating contest! Which of the kids could eat the most apricot pie in 90 seconds. This is an interesting moment before the signal came to start eating. The boy who is staring intently down into his pie was the eventual winner and became a three time champion. It looks as though the other contestants were all watching him to get tips on how they should attack their pies.

I hope you enjoyed this brief little peek at the Apricot Fiesta.

What is your favorite fruit?



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10 Responses to Fiesta Time

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  2. Sheryl says:

    mmm–I love apricots. So many fruits are now available year-round. But, at least around here, apricots are extra special because they are only available for a short time each year.

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    Lots of tasty treats to get thru the day. I’ve never actually seen a pie eating contest. My hubby would do well at that though. I like pumpkin pie with whip cream the best.

  4. granny5 says:

    Beautiful apricots! Love all the pictures, thanks for posting!! My favorite fruit? Not sure as I love fruit.

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