John Foster Dulles

What does the name Dulles mean to you? For me, I think of Washington Dulles International Airport. I have flown through Washington Dulles many times, but I don’t always stop to think about the man the airport was named for.

While looking for a Mother’s Day cartoon by Frank Andrea Miller in my Grandma’s scrapbooks, I also found this cartoon.

John Foster Dulles - Secretary of State - Frank Andrea Miller Cartoon - Cold War

Frank Andrea Miller created this cartoon just after the death of John Foster Dulles who had lost his battle with colon cancer and passed away on May 24, 1959 at Walter Reed Hospital. My grandmother clipped it from the pages of the Des Moines Register and pasted it into one of her many scrapbooks.

I really like this cartoon as it simply illustrates John Foster Dulles’ life of service to his country.

John Foster Dulles was appointed Secretary of State by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and served from 1953 to 1959 during the early years of the Cold War.

His family had a tradition of serving as Secretary of State. His grandfather John W. Foster served as Secretary of State under President Benjamin Harrison and his uncle Robert Lansing served under President Woodrow Wilson.

After reading about John Foster Dulles I will now remember his contributions to our country whenever I fly through the airport that is named after him. I will also remember him this weekend as I remember the many soldiers who have given their lives for our country. Although Dulles did not give his life on the physical battlefield, he continued to serve his country while dealing with a very painful illness. In 1959 Dulles was awarded the Medal of Freedom for his contributions to the Cold War.

John Foster Dulles was buried in Arlington National Cemetery along with many others who served our country.




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3 Responses to John Foster Dulles

  1. joeisawesome says:

    The Dulles name to me means 30 years of civil war in Guatemala, irreparably damaging what was once a democratic country with a bright future. He’s also a big reason why everyone in Iran hates the United States.

    • vanbraman says:

      Thanks for the comment Joe.

      I wonder what Guatemala would be like today if the Communists had taken over the country then?

      What would have happened differently in Iran without the involvement of the US and the UK?

      We must remember that these decisions were made during the early years of the Cold War and were based on the information that was available at that time. Many of the decisions that are made today will be also be looked at differently in the future.

  2. Elem Coelho says:

    The name and reputation of J. F. Dulles has suffered when books with so very many errors can (and, for him, have) be published The era of great research has been replaced by an era of bestsellers, written by people who rely on whatever sounds “juicy”, and on books previously written which also are devoid of a scholar’s ability to spend years of true study. Thrillers of “scandal” – heard somewhere? or because they seem likely, somehow – yield more profit, and bring greater fame. As one who knows each political biography of true fact sometimes takes up to seven years of profound devotion to a each subject, and every library, dusty archives, family, friends, contacts and yet more research on anyone or anything related, must be done for the sake of history, and before signing one’s name as the author.

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