A Little More Ankerstein

Last July I wrote a post about one of my hobbies. Building with Ankerstein.

Since that time I have written several posts about my hobby, usually around the end of the month.

That is usually when I am thinking about Ankerstein as I am curious to see what building my friend George will write about on his website.

This month he has pictures and details about a castle with a moat.

This got me thinking about water and how I took a small set of Ankerstein with me on a cruise to Antarctica.

Ankerstein - Antarctica - Anchor Blocks - Toy Building Blocks - miniature set

This little set of Ankerstein can be taken with you when you travel so that you can build while you are away from home. There is not as much variety in the stones, but you can still make something that looks nice. I am sure that not many people have built with Ankerstein while in Antarctica. Maybe I am the only one?

The icebergs started to look the same after awhile and building with Ankerstein was a nice little diversion.

Iceberg in Antarctica - Melchior Island - Melchior Strait - Antarctic Cruise

While thinking of small stones, I also thought about the Ankerstein mosaic set that I have. Many of the plan books have designs where you can use the small mosaic stones to decorate the floors of the buildings.

Ankerstein - Mosaic Set - Mosaic Floor - Fresco Floor - Decoration - Anchor Blocks

I used the mosaic stones to make a floor for this small chapel. The floor is a nice little touch that really enhances the way the building looks. Thinking back, this was the first building where I used a mosaic floor. I had received the box of mosaic stones in the mail and was eager to build something. I am looking at the picture now and I can see where I didn’t pay too much attention to detail while I was building it. I was just wanting to get it built so I could take a picture with the mosaic floor :-).

Ankerstein - Mosaic Set - Mosaic Floor - Fresco Floor - Decoration - Anchor Blocks

I also took a picture of what the floor would look like if you were able to shrink yourself down and were ready to walk into the building. Here you can see the detail of the mosaic floor, and the different shapes and colors that are used to create the pattern.

I may have to dig up more pictures of the mosaic floors and write another post about them. I know that I have a few, including some where the building is in progress.

I hope that you enjoyed where my mind wandered this evening.


p.s. An interesting coincidence. While I was writing about and inserting the pictures from Antarctica into this post, I received a comment on another post that mentioned Antarctica :-).

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4 Responses to A Little More Ankerstein

  1. Ann says:

    I’ve never heard of Ankerstein blocks before, but your buildings are amazing. I probably wouldn’t get very far with a hobby like that, as I wouldn’t have the heart to dismantle it, in order to build something new. 🙂 When I saw the last photo in this article, I thought it would be cool to place a picture (from a travel magazine?) of a European seaside port taken from a distance, on the other side…then photograph it from the angle you did, and it would look like the view from the balcony of a hillside castle! Crazy imagination, sorry!

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