I have been eagerly awaiting Ferrell Jenkins’ first post from his current trip to Israel. I was with him on his tour last year in September and want to see how different the landscape looks at a different time of year.

His post today, Touring Israel again, has only one picture but I can see that the landscape in the background is much greener in the spring than it is in the fall.

His post today is about their visit to et-Tell, which is the traditional site of Bethsaida.

When we visited et-Tell last September, I wrote the following in my post Galilee Sea.

We do know that this site is known as et-Tell, what scholars disagree on is whether this is Bethsaida, or whether it is in a different location. There is also a possibility that in Old Testament times this city may have been known as Geshur.

I will share a few pictures of the site since I am thinking about it tonight.

et-Tell - Bethsaida - Geshur - Archaeology - Israel - Galilee

This picture shows the path through the site and gives you an idea of the stonework that was used in the city. You can also see a stately Eucalyptus tree along the path. There are many of these trees on the tell, and they reminded me of California where we also have many Eucalyptus trees.

Thorn bush bloom - Israel - et-Tell - Bethsaida - Dried out Bloom

This picture especially makes me wonder how different the site looks during this time of year. Here we have a bloom on a thorn bush that is all dried out. I can just imagine a colorful yellow bloom at this time of year. Perhaps it is too early, but I am imagining it anyway :-).

Gate at Bethsaida - City Gate

I have used this picture in a couple other posts, most recently in my post on the book of Ruth titled Kinsman Redeemer. This is the gate area at et-Tell and is a typical multi-chamber gate where people would meet and business matters would be taken care of.

You will probably see several posts about my trip to Israel last year over the next week or so. Especially since I will be following Ferrell’s posts from his current trip.


Link Review:

Ferrell’s post for today – Touring Israel again

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My post on the book of Ruth – Kinsman Redeemer

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2 Responses to et-Tell

  1. Sherry Hamilton says:

    I know several people on the current tour and I get to hear about it more when they return!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Thanks, Steven.

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