Missing March Madness

I am missing much of the March Madness this year. So far it has been an exciting tournament, and it is on pace to be one of the most upsetting tournaments. I am keeping my eye on it and counting up the Upset Factor and Yahoo Points to see where this tournament stacks up against prior ones. Look for a post sometime later this week. I want to give a recap of the first two rounds.

Today, I was traveling so missed the game that I really would have liked to have seen. The upset of Gonzago by Wichita State. Although I didn’t fill out a bracket, this would have been one of my picks :-). The Shockers this year are making me think back to the early 80’s and the Xavier McDaniel days.

Dublin Pleasanton West BART Station - Dublin, California - Transit to Airport - Public Transit

I started out the day by driving to BART and then taking a train to the airport. It was then time for a 12 hour flight. I actually spent most of the flight with my eyes closed. Not necessarily sleeping the whole time, but resting or deep in thought :-).

When I arrived it was then the fun journey through the airport. It has not been fun walking today as I pulled a muscle in my leg early this morning. It is still a bit sore. Wait, back to the journey through the airport. Even before going through immigration you have to take a train at the airport in Seoul. After a much shorter wait than I had in Mexico City earlier this month, I was able to pick up my bag and book my transit to the hotel.

Limousine Bus in Seoul Korea - Incheon Airport - Transit to Hotel - South Korea

To get to my hotel I took a Limousine Bus. This is a very common mode of transit in Asia. They run a fixed route and pick up and drop off people at hotels and other places along the way. The trip into Seoul to my hotel took about an hour. The airport at Incheon is a bit of a drive from Seoul.

South Korea Countryside - Marshland - Incheon to Seoul - Limousine Bus

I was dropped off just across the road and down the hill from my hotel and I thought I had taken my last ride of the day. However, the hotel shuttle quickly pulled in behind the bus and I had one more ride. Actually, I am glad since it would have been a nice uphill climb pulling my bags. It would not have been fun, especially with a sore leg.

I have settled into my room and am trying to stay up for at least another hour. Then it is time for a good night of sleep.

View from Hotel Room - Seoul Grand Hilton View - Seoul, South Korea

I do have a nice view from my hotel room. The late afternoon sun gave the houses and hills a nice color.

Now for one last review of my lecture tomorrow and off to bed.

What March Madness game was the most exciting? Which one did I really miss? I did get to watch part of the Kansas game on Friday night, but that is the only game I have seen. It will not be easy to see any more. Especially as the time here is almost upside down.


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6 Responses to Missing March Madness

  1. Ah, we have no March madness here in Britain. We are all shivering in our boots in snow. I love your view!

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Oh ya, nasty jetlag you’d have, sounds like quite the travel day. Watch out where you hike, the neighbours have been know to be pretty unfriendly….don’t want to see you on the news. Good luck at your class. I’m Mad about the weather in March….does that count? LOL

  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    Interesting!! Pray God will heal your leg quickly …

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