Pre-Flight Breakfast

This morning I was picked up from the hotel and taken out for breakfast. A nice break from the hotel restaurant. Of course, it was also getaway day and I had a bit more time since my flight was in the early afternoon.

My colleague took me to Restaurant El Cardenal.

Restaurant El Cardenal - San Angel - Mexico City Breakfast - Traditional Breakfast

This is the fourth and newest location for the historic El Cardenal restaurant chain. The restaurant is in a beautiful house in the San Angel area of Mexico City.

We sat down at a table with beautiful place settings.

Restaurant El Cardenal - Place Settings - Breakfast table setting - Traditional Mexican Breakfast

Breakfast started out with bread and …..

Frothing Chocolate - El Cardenal Restaurant - Chocolate - Mexican Breakfast

The server showed up at the table with this jug and started spinning the handle that was sticking out of the jug. I think I was able to catch the motion here. I was at first a little unsure what was happening. Then he took the jug and started pouring. My cup was filled to the brim with …

Frothed Mexican Hot Chocolate - Restaurant El Cardenal - traditional Mexican Breakfast - Mexican Hot Chocolate

Doesn’t this cup of Hot Chocolate look delicious. It was so light and frothy and went well with the croissant that I had. I later had to have a second cup. The way that the chocolate was frothed was very interesting and a neat experience.

Next on the menu was a nice plate of fruit.Restaurant El Cardenal - Plate of fruit - Muskmelon - Pinapple - Kiwi - Mango

The fruit was really good, especially the muskmelon.

Then for the main course.

Aporreado con huevo - Scrambled Eggs - Salted Beef - Salsa - Peppers - Restaurant El Cardenal - Mexican Breakfast

I didn’t write down the exact name, but this is Aporreado con huevo (dry beef with eggs made in the Michoacan lowland’s style). It was really good. It may be spicy for some, but just perfect for me :-).

After this wonderful desayuno, it was back to the hotel to pick up my bags and head to the airport. As I write this I am sitting at my home computer, so you know that I made it home safely :-).


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3 Responses to Pre-Flight Breakfast

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I love a nicely set table, food just seems to taste better. That’s a neat coco making jug. What a perfect way to start the day 😀

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Welcome home and thanks for sharing your wonderful trip!

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