Home Pride Update VIII – The Bidders

This week there was not much new about the future of Home Pride Bread. However, for those of you who have been waiting for news about Twinkies, it has been a good week.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued - Butter Top

On Thursday the Stalking Horse bidder for the majority of the snake cake brands was announced. You can find out who the bidder is by clicking on this link to my post earlier this week: Stalking Horses

Last week the auction date for the bread brands, including Home Pride Bread, was announced. Flowers Foods will be the first bidder in the February 28 auction. Hopefully the auction will be quick and the follow-up activities will go smoothly so we will see our favorite breads back on the shelf soon.

Roman Meal Thin Sliced Sandwich Bread was the bread that I tried out this week.

Roman Meal Sandwich Bread - Home Pride Replacement - Hostess Brands - Sandwich - Toast

This was a bread that brought back many memories. This was the bread that we used while I was in High School and so many family memories came flooding back this week. Did nostalgia alone put this bread in the running as a replacement?

I really did like this bread. It toasts well and has a wonderful square shape. It is easy to spread butter or other toppings on as you don’t have to work to get into the corners. I even spread Jif Chocolate Hazelnut spread on it several times this week, and may have another one before bed tonight.

The bread has good taste and since it is a big loaf of bread it has easily lasted the entire week. Even with those extra slices of Chocolate Hazelnut covered toast. This is definitely a good general purpose bread. Unfortunately, the stores only carry limited loaves of this bread, so sometimes it is not on the shelf.

I decided that I would move Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat out of the running after this week.

After this week the current front-runners are  Oven Joy from Safeway, Roman Meal Sungrain 100% Whole Wheat and Roman Meal Thin Sliced Sandwich Bread.

Safeway - Oven Joy Wheat Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - Wheat BreadRoman Meal Sungrain bread - Home Pride Replacement quest - Sandwich and Toast breadRoman Meal Thin Sliced Sandwich Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - Hostess Replacement? - Bread Quest - Toast

The breads that have not passed the test are Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat , Safeway’s Butter Top Wheat, Oroweat Soft Family 100% Whole Wheat, Sara Lee Honey Wheat and Bimbo Soft Wheat Family.

Sara Lee Whole Wheat bread - Home Pride Replacement Take 2Safeway Kitchens Butter Top Wheat Bread - Not as good as Home PrideOroweat Soft Family 100% Whole Wheat - Home Pride Replacement? - Third CandidateSara Lee - Honey Wheat - Sandwich - Toast - Hostess - Home Pride Replacement? - Honey Wheat BreadBimbo Soft Wheat Family Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - The Bread Quest - Bimbo Brands

You can click on the bread names above to visit the posts where I reviewed them.

Today I went to WinCo foods to pick up another bread that I have had my eye on. I also needed to get a few bulk items, so it wasn’t a trip just for the bread :-). The price was right too at only 98 cents a loaf.

Cascade Pride Split Top Wheat - WinCo - Home Pride Replacement - Sandwich - Toast - Butter Top?

Cascade Pride Split Top Wheat is a nice big loaf and it actually has the look and coloring of Home Pride. Will it have the texture and taste?

I will be finding out soon.

Check back next week to find out how this bread fares against my tests.


For more posts on this subject, click on Home Pride Bread.

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18 Responses to Home Pride Update VIII – The Bidders

  1. Sheryl says:

    I’ve never seen Cascade Pride bread in a store. I don’t think they sell it in my area–but you sure can’t beat the price. Hope it tastes good.

  2. I watch this ongoing drama with bated breath from this side of the pond, Steven. Here’s hoping Home Pride is in safe hands soon.

  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    Interesting how bread can be so fascinating :=)

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  18. Herlinda Juarez says:

    They’ll NEVER be ANOTHER Bread such as this one sorry it’s GONE just LIKE everything else

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