Home Pride Update VI

This week news about Home Pride Bread was seen in many different places. As I searched through different sites on the internet I found news in bakery industry web sites, local newspaper and TV sites and different business journals. They were all talking about the Stalking Horse Bidder Flowers Foods.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued - Butter Top

Some of the sites detailed the bidding process and made it clear that the sale is not yet final. Other sites made it sound like it was a done deal. Of course, if you understand what a Stalking Horse Bidder is you will know that it is just the first of several steps toward a final sale. To learn more about the process, look at my post from last week: Home Pride Update V

I did not see much news about the other Hostess products, but did see several sites that mentioned that there might be up to five Stalking Horse Bidders for the rest of the Hostess brands like Twinkies, Ho Ho’s, etc. To me, this is not surprising. The snack cake business is more competitive and not as consolidated as the bread business. In fact, I am pretty sure that one of the reasons that Flowers Foods is the preferred bidder, is that some of the other large bakery companies would not have been able to clear regulatory hurdles as they would have then had too large of a market share.

Which leads me into talking about the bread that I tried this week. The candidate this week for a temporary replacement was Bimbo Soft Wheat Family bread. Bimbo is one of the largest bakeries in the World and has a very large presence here as well.

Bimbo Soft Wheat Family Bread - Home Pride Replacement - Bread Quest Despite the cute packaging and health claims, this bread fell flat from the first slice. The bread slices are thinner and don’t toast as well. Even after adjusting the toaster settings and even buttering the bread before toasting, it just did not come even close to passing the toast test. It also did not pass the sandwich test. Even though it claimed to be soft, it just didn’t have a nice soft texture. I am actually debating on whether to finish out the loaf or simply move on to the next candidate. Sorry Bimbo, this one is just not passing the test. However, Bimbo is the owner of the Sara Lee brands, so they are still in the running.

The current front-runners are Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat and Oven Joy from Safeway.

Sara Lee Whole Wheat bread - Home Pride Replacement Take 2Safeway - Oven Joy Wheat Bread - Home Pride Replacement? - Wheat Bread

The breads that have not passed the test are Safeway’s Butter Top Wheat, Oroweat Soft Family 100% Whole Wheat and Sara Lee Honey Wheat.

Safeway Kitchens Butter Top Wheat Bread - Not as good as Home PrideOroweat Soft Family 100% Whole Wheat - Home Pride Replacement? - Third CandidateSara Lee - Honey Wheat - Sandwich - Toast - Hostess - Home Pride Replacement? - Honey Wheat Bread

You can click on the bread names above to visit the posts where I reviewed them.

I have had my eye on another loaf of bread for several weeks, so the quest will continue. Actually, the specific bread that I was looking for was not available at Target today. I wanted to try Roman Meal Wheat Bread, but there were no loaves left on the shelf. Instead I decided to try a brand new bread from Roman Meal.

Roman Meal Sungrain bread - Home Pride Replacement quest - Sandwich and Toast breadRoman Meal Sungrain 100% Whole Wheat Bread is the choice for this week. This one actually brings back memories for me, as I think that the first whole wheat bread that we switched to when I was a kid was Roman Meal. I may be mistaken, I will have to see if my Mom remembers. I do however know that at one time it was the bread that we used.

I checked out the website for Roman Meal bread. This specific bread does not even show up on their website, perhaps they need an update :-). They do have some neat information on their website. Especially in the About Us section which includes a page about their history that is titled: Roman Meal Wasn’t Built in a Day

Check back next week to find out how this bread fares against my tests. Will this be the one? Will we have more news about the auction process?


For more posts on this subject, click on Home Pride Bread.

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19 Responses to Home Pride Update VI

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Wow, you have a lot more choice than we do. I really notice that when we’re in the states. Some of the best bread I’ve tasted is by a small ‘non-corporate’ baker in our area. The artisan breads can be pricier but I don’t mind supporting a local business, with local employee’s.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    I rarely eat bread, but when I do, it’s wheat. Your quest for bread has been interesting.

  3. Exiled says:

    Just discovered that Home Pride is off the shelves. As Queen once said, “Another one bites the dust.” Once tried a Sarah Lee bread—don’t remember which one—”yuck” is about all there is to say about it. Try Oroweat. Never heard of the Soft Family Whole Wheat; try the regular whole wheat. Of course, one trouble with bread is that the major brands are regional, to some extent: a brand that is good in one area may not be good in another. Also, some varieties—and brands—don’t seem to be available everywhere, which tends to make recommendations dubious; I can only say that I like most of the varieties of Oroweat in my area. I’ve never had any good luck with any Safeway brand product. What really annoys me is that products I like keep disappearing, and being replaced with nothing, or with horrid new stuff that I don’t want. Do you think they’ll ever get it: We, the consumers, can’t buy it if they don’t make it; we, the consumers won’t buy it if we don’t like it. Hostess understood this so well that they are out of business. At least the demise of the Twinkie hasn’t led to another $100 billion government bail-out…

  4. Sheryl says:

    Wow there’s a lot of different kinds of bread. Like Boomdeeadda, I’ve found that that local bakers make some of my favorite breads.

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