In the Works

I am still in the research process for a couple of posts that I want to write, so was thinking about what to post tonight. I then decided that maybe I should write another post about what you may see in the near future. Where should my mind wander next?

Of course you will continue to see some of my favorite pictures on a regular basis. Flowers, Nature, Animals, Architecture, etc…

Orange Leaves - Sunset - Winter Day - Fall Foliage

One of the posts that I want to do a bit more research on before posting is about Tom Sawyer. Did you know that there was a man named Tom Sawyer who was a friend of Mark Twain? I just finished reading a book about him and want to share some thoughts about it.

I went back and looked at a post that I wrote last August titled The Post Pipeline. I still have one specific post left from what was in the pipeline then.

Authors Card Game - Childhood Card Games - Memories - LiteratureI had just written a post about Dutch Blitz and it had me thinking about other card games from my childhood. I still plan on writing a post about the Authors card game. First, I have to find the deck of cards again. I am not sure where I put it.

Fairview Church of Christ - Linn, Missouri - Religion in Family History - Country ChurchI had also talked about my Religion in Family History series and how I planned on writing more posts. I did write quite a few more posts, but still have ideas for even more. The next one will probably be about Colonial Anabaptists. I also have plans on writing about a few more failed Amish settlements and also about some of my Puritan ancestry.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued - Butter TopI will also continue my Home Pride Bread update posts that are usually posted on Saturdays as I continue my quest for a temporary replacement and wait for the return of my favorite bread. Along the same theme as the update posts, I also am planning on writing a post about sliced bread. There are a few interesting facts that I would like to share. I am also thinking about writing a post about the bakery that my Grandfather worked in.

One of my reading challenges this year is to read more Newberry award winning books. Many of them are about History or nature, so they will be great lead-ins for sharing some of my pictures or talking about important events that may have affected the lives of my ancestors. I am beginning to think of some of the possibilities.

I have an interesting Genealogy post in the works. I want to write about how family stories about being related to someone famous may sometimes point you in the right direction for research, even if you don’t end up being related to that person. Keep your eye out for a post about George Custer that will illustrate this. I also have a few more Genealogy posts in the works, but don’t want to prioritize them as I want to be free to go off on those Genealogy research tangents without feeling guilty about neglecting research for something specific :-).

Laughing Dove - Spilopelia senegalensis - JerichoI will also continue to write my Sunday posts on the Joshua, Judges and Ruth class that I am attending. I may add a page to the blog that gives links to the individual posts, but for now you can visit the most recent post, A Place of Refuge, and follow the links at the end of the post. The class runs through the end of February. There is a good chance that we will not finish all of the book of Judges, but don’t fear. I will make sure that I finish out the entire book in my posts. The whole series of posts will be a good resource for someone who may be teaching Joshua or Judges. I am actually trying to figure out what pictures I have that can be used to illustrate Ruth. Hmm, I think I have some of grain fields. They may work along with a picture of a city gate.

I also have a trip for work coming up in March that should generate some good posts. I will keep the location as a surprise for now :-).

Now, which posts should I work on. Do you have any requests? Have you seen a post about something here that you would like to see more of? Perhaps something from my Grandmother’s scrapbooks?

There is always something new to think about, and who knows what news will break that will cause my mind to wander to something new.



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4 Responses to In the Works

  1. So much to write, and so little time….

  2. Lilee says:

    What was the name of the book about Tom Sawyer? I would be interested in reading it.

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