Not My Bread!!

It was hard to miss the news today that Hostess went out of business and that Twinkies were discontinued. In our call center at work today we had a goodbye spread of Hostess products. A last chance to indulge in some yummy goodness.

Ho Hos



Ding Dongs



I grabbed a Ding Dong and a Zinger as they were my two favorites. My favorite way to eat a Zinger though is frozen. It brings back memories from childhood.

Will I miss these tasty treats? Not much, as I rarely indulge in them. Plus, do you really think that they will be gone forever? Someone will buy the brand name and the recipes and they will be back in production, it will only be a matter of time.

What I will miss is my bread.Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued I have been eating Home Pride bread for a very long time. I remember switching to wheat bread when we were kids because it was healthier for us than that white bread. This is the brand that we switched to. Of course through the years I have occasionally tried a store brand for awhile or some other type of bread, but I have always come back to the bread that I grew up on. My morning toast is on Home Pride Wheat. My tuna sandwiches, my peanut butter and jelly, smoked turkey and sharp cheddar or grilled cheese. All will have to be made with a different bread.

Maybe I will get lucky and their will be one last loaf of Home Pride on the shelf when I go shopping tomorrow so I can prolong the search for a new brand. I know that I won’t be switching to Wonder Bread or Nature’s Pride. They are Hostess brands and were discontinued also.

Will there be bread shortages until other bakeries gear up to make up the gap in bread production?

What brand of bread should I try as a replacement for my Home Pride?

How long will I have to wait for someone to start making Home Pride again?

I will miss my bread, but perhaps I will find something better :-).


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36 Responses to Not My Bread!!

  1. lylekrahn says:

    Once breakfast is impacted then it’s serious! Timely post.

  2. rempolla says:

    It is always sad to see a long standing institution falling by the wayside. RIP!!

    Remo (

  3. tess says:

    yes!! exactly how i feel!! i couldn’t care less about twinkies, ding dongs whatever but i’ve been eating home pride all my life! just the thought of venturing into other breads terrifies me. maybe another company will buy home pride and wonder bread. and soon. i’m thinking about switching over to bagels in the meantime. you don’t realize how attached you are to your bread until it’s gone. 😦

    • vanbraman says:

      Target still had Home Pride today, but I am sure it will only be a few days at most till it will be gone. The Safeway store brand is pretty good, so it may be my substitute. But, I will not buy it until I have to :-).

  4. Get a bread maker! You chuck all the ingredients in, it chunters for about three hours like some grumpy gnome, and then there is the most delicious smell of baked bread! You know what’s in it and feel virtuous too. It tastes just wonderful. And if you run out you just make some more!

    • vanbraman says:

      Kate, haven’t you heard the saying “The best thing since sliced bread”? If I made my own bread I would then have to slice it and the slices would not be uniform ;-). I do like the smell of baking bread though.

  5. Boomdeeadda says:

    Oh man, the is seriously inconvenient. I practically live on bread..toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch. I’ve been buying a light rye. It’s smaller slices and I like that it’s low fat. I like it for sandwiches too because it’s really filing.

  6. Glenda McDougal says:

    Gives me a headache to think about no more twinkies and especially the bread …

  7. vanbraman says:

    First PBJ with Safeway Butter Top Wheat bread. It is just not the same. What will the toast be like?

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  17. nelda says:

    thankyou…..just finishing making a toasted peanut butter sandwich with my last two slices; would always freeze several loaves at a time as I don’t use bread everyday BUT this is my bread and I actually went searching for it yesterday at not less than 4 walgreens and 2 large supermarket chains, while waiting outside on my friend’s search decided to go online to look for what I knew I was going to find…..don’t know how I actually forgot to connect this to the hostess debacle or why but I did……just hope the auction works and that my Home Pride bread as we’ve known it is returned to the shelves!! 02-01-2013—gypsylouisisanefromchitown

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  31. Tony Lota says:

    Sorry to say bread is not same as before. Lighter in color & not same taste as before. Very disappointed.

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  33. rick says:

    the new home pride bread is not the same. I will not buy it again!!

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