Smiling Again

Today I was sent a link to a great video on YouTube.

Danny’s Story is about one of the members of the tour group that I went to Israel with. I had not met Danny before the trip, but had met his brother and his family years ago when I was living in Kansas City. I really enjoyed getting to know Danny and his family during the tour in Israel.

Danny was on the tour between the two surgeries that are detailed in the video. Although he could not fully smile at this time, I could always tell that he was smiling inside. He has a great personality.

I really need to take more pictures of people when I travel, especially if it is with a group. However, I did find one picture of Danny and Lynelle from the trip that I really liked. - Danny's Story - Israel - Bet She'anHere they are standing on top of the mound at Tel Bet She’an. We had just climbed several hundred steps to the top of the mound and were looking out over the excavation of the Byzantine city of Scythopolis. You can see more pictures from this day in my post Up to Jerusalem.

I could tell that Danny was smiling even after the long climb. If you watch the video on YouTube, you will see what Danny’s smile looks like now after his second surgery. It is a great transformation and I am really happy for him and his family.

I watched the video several times today. The story is so beautiful. I hope that the video helps many others find out about facial reanimation. Some of the recent advances in medicine are really amazing. I have seen so many advances in technology and procedures in my 25+ years of work in the medical field and stories like this help remind me that I am making a difference in the lives of many people.


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2 Responses to Smiling Again

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Amazing, thank you, Steven.

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    They seem like a really nice family. It’s very true, when you’re happy about how you looks, you just feel better about life. It’s sure a beautiful neighbourhood they live in too. Great story Steven, thanks for sharing.

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