Crawfordsville Carnegie

Yesterday I posted a picture of an old voting machine. Here it is again:Old Voting Machine - Goldwater - Johnson - Presidential ElectionIn the post I asked what election it was set up for and also where it was located.

I have some good readers who figured it out. You can tell from the names on the machine that this was from the Presidential Election of 1964. Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson are the Presidential Candidates. Of course, history tells us that Johnson won the election. He carried the state where this machine was used.

When you look at the columns for Senator and Governor you find that the names of Hartke and Branigan among the choices. They were the winners of this election in Indiana. The picture does not go over far enough to show the local races, only the National and Statewide races are shown, so it is not possible to narrow it down further.

Here is a picture of the building where the old voting machine was on display when I took the picture.Crawfordsville, Indiana - Carnegie Library - Carnegie MuseumWhen Crawfordsville, Indiana built a new library they were able to repurposed their old Carnegie Library as a museum. It was one of several museums that I visited in Crawfordsville when I visited there. You may have seen my earlier post on Ben-Hur. The General Lew Wallace Study is also in Crawfordsville.

The Carnegie Library in Crawfordsville was the first Carnegie Library in Indiana and was opened in 1902 with 4,500 volumes. There were 1,679 libraries built in the U.S. with funds from Andrew Carnegie. I am sure that many of you have benefited from his generosity.
Crawfordsville, Indiana - Carnegie Library - First in IndianaI have spent a long time researching for a future post this evening and am getting this posted just under the wire :-).

I hope you enjoy this additional information about where the voting machine is on display.


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5 Responses to Crawfordsville Carnegie

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I love old buildings with interesting facades. I would guess we don’t build them like we used to due to budget constraints. Interesting that in 1902 they had 4500 volumes and today, libraries are struggling. A library I frequent because of it’s proximaty to home, has so few books on home decorating, I pretty much have checked them all out at one time or another…it’s dismal.

  2. Wonderful machine – I’d love to see a demo!

  3. Jim Gray says:

    Thanks for the memories. I remember that election well, being an Indiana boy. I was not old enough to vote in that election, but I was a big Goldwater fan.

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    Wonderful photos and interesting article!!! For some reason, I always liked Goldwater and never did Johnson.

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