Old Voting Machine

It has been a long week with too many bad commute days. I am tired out after teaching a two week class. I really just want to go to sleep, but thought that I should get my daily post in first.

I thought of what I should post. I was looking through some pictures for ideas and ran across this picture of an old voting machine.Old Voting Machine - Goldwater - Johnson - Presidential ElectionYou may have to click on the picture to see more detail, but who can tell me what year this voting machine was used in? You should be able to easily find the answer. For extra credit, can you tell me where this voting machine was used?

I saw this in a museum on one of my trips. I just had to take a picture.

I remember when I was a child and going with my parents when they went to vote. They voted with this style of voting machine. I can still remember the sounds that the machine made as people were voting.

For most of my voting I have always filled in the bubbles on a ballot that was later scanned. No hanging chads for me. I do remember a few times voting with a touch screen, but most of the time it has been a manual process.

What type of voting machine is used where you live? Do you have memories of one of these old voting machines?

Let me know. Perhaps tomorrow I will have a follow-up post to this one sharing some of the results of this informal poll.


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13 Responses to Old Voting Machine

  1. What a neat old machine! I’ve never seen something like that. Our vote now is all mail in ballot, where you connect the two ends of an arrow with your pen. My earliest memories are of a punch ballot with a stylus.

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    We vote manually by marking an x at a polling station.
    Is your machine fromt he 1964 election? I guess it was used somewhere’s in the USA but I couldn’t see a place name…can I call a friend? ha

  3. Sheryl says:

    The first few times I voted I marked a paper ballot that was counted by hand.

  4. Jack Lippman says:

    Nice blog…. Here is an item on the subject I am preparing for my next posting on http://www.jackspotpourri.com.

    “Remember the old voting machines, the kind we had back in New Jersey and New York? You walked up to the machine, pulled the curtain behind you, and looked at the ballot spread out before you. You pushed down the lever over the names of those you wanted to vote for, or similarly, made your choice on referendums. Then you pulled open the curtain behind you which registered your vote by making a hole for every lever you had pushed down on a roll of paper which resembled a window shade inside of the machine. Pulling that curtain also moved the roll clearing the machine for the next voter. Quick, safe, private, and no chance of your making a mistake with a pen or touching a touch screen incorrectly. At the end of the day, election workers inspected the paper roll in the back of the machine and added up the holes. The counts, attested to by workers from both parties, were then given to a police officer who drove with them to the County election headquarters. Within a couple of hours after the polls closed, the results were in. There was no early voting in those days, but if you expected to be out of town on Election Day, you could submit an absentee ballot. Compare this to what we have today, where the task of accurately filling in the middle part of an arrow with a pen on a sheet of paper, ultimately to be scanned by a computer, has replaced that trustworthy push-down lever. Which system is better? Too bad the old machines are now available only as antiques, with replacement parts unavailable.

  5. Hi Steven, Not sure what the voting machine is but we print ballots and have put together kind of a museum of old ballots and some old machines for our entry at our plant. Would you be interested in selling it for our display? Thank you,
    George Phillips

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