Heritage Flowers

This post is a follow up to Heritage Lilies, as the two pictures here were also taken in the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery behind the Dublin Heritage Center.

As mentioned in the previous post, depending on the time of the year there are different flowers blooming in the cemetery.

The first picture was taken in February last year.
Daffodil, yellow flowerI love the bright yellow of this Daffodil (Narcissus jonquilla) and the contrast with the green of the leaves. Daffodils are such a welcome sight as spring approaches each year. I also like the out of focus blooms in the background.

Next we have the California State Flower.

California Poppies, California State Flower

Here we have a beautiful grouping of California Poppies (Eschscholzia californica). This picture was taken a couple years ago in April. I always look forward to spring when you can see the poppies blooming along the road side. Some years there are more of them, it all depends on the weather and the amount of rain that we get.

What is your State Flower?


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7 Responses to Heritage Flowers

  1. Fatima Kashin says:

    Perfect bloom! Post more beautiful flowers…

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Your photos are gorgeous!!!! My grandpa’s favorite flower was the daffodil, so we decorate his grave site with them. Our state flower is the Apple Blossom ( Arkansas ) Thanks for posting these!

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    Wow Steven, you’re February spring flowers don’t show up here until late April to early May. I buy them by the dozens at the market weeks ahead of their outdoor show though. I think that must be the prettiest cemetary.

  4. vanbraman says:

    Flowers bloom a little sooner here in California than what I was used to growing up. The Wild Prairie Rose is the flower for Iowa where I was born and the Wild Sunflower is for Kansas where I graduated from High School.

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