Just Loonies

I love to take pictures of signs, especially if they say something funny or clever.

While in Chinatown Sunday night, we saw this sign:

Just Loonies - Canadian Dollar Store - Loonies and Toonies - Coins - Humor - Humour

The Canadian Dollar coin was introduced in 1987. Since the coin had an image of the common loon on it, the coin soon became known as the Loonie.

Just Loonies is a great name for a Dollar store in Canada, I really like the wordplay in the name. I can just image the crazy people spending their Loonies there. Of course, I have another great idea for a name, but it is probably already taken. How about Loonie Bin? It would make a great name for a store with bins of candy and bulk goods sold in dollar increments.

In 1996, the two Dollar coin was introduced in Canada and is called the Toonie.

When I think of these two coins, I think of Looney Tunes. 🙂


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3 Responses to Just Loonies

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Ha, you can’t say we don’t have a cents (wordplay) of humor. I actually call the 2 dollar coin a Doubloonie (as in pirate money – The Doubloon). But I’m weird and you’re absolutely right, everyone else calls it a Toonie. Not to blow my own horn (Ok I will) but I think my nickname is a wee bit classier.

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