As Canadian as……

I tried a little experiment tonight, thanks to those who participated both on-line and in person.

As Canadian as ……

What do you think of when you think of Canada?

The responses were interesting. The first on-line response was about how Canadians talk. Eh? Which I have heard a lot already this week. I will not attempt to spell the way some words are pronounced, but there is a definite Canadian pronunciation of many words. Of course there are all those extra ‘u’s they add to their words.

A good Canadian friend responded with The Maple Leaf. A great symbol of the country. If you have been to Canada in the Fall and seen the Maple trees in full colour, you will understand why. Absolutely beautiful.

Other responses were names of famous Canadians, Mounties, Canadian Beer and Hockey related terms such as Hockey sticks and pucks.

Food was also a hot topic with:

Butter Tarts
Maple Syrup
Canadian Bacon
And of course Tim Hortons

You can find a Tim Hortons just about anywhere. Here is a picture of one just outside of Chinatown.

Tim Hortons - Canada - Canadian Starbucks? - Canadian Dunkin Donuts? - Breakfast - Culture - Coffee


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4 Responses to As Canadian as……

  1. Debbie Faling says:

    We had a gospel meeting and a preacher from Canada preached at it….There were certain words that were very heavy on the accent…like aboot for about 😀 He lives in Indiana now I believe.

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  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    Oh man, after reading this I feel like a bad Canadian. I don’t watch hockey or eat anything on that list. Of course you know, I’m a Starbucks girl. Tim Hortons coffee is icky, LOL. As Canadian as grizzly bears, 3 month of summer and hidden cigarettes. I really noticed cigarettes at all the store in California last week. Here, they must not be visible in your store. It’s the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ method of slowing the number of smokers.

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