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Wednesday Wandering VII

Another long Wednesday brings another wanderings post. No specific subject has entered my thoughts so lets see where my wandering mind goes.

Mount Diablo - California Aqueduct - California Sunset - Reflection - SilhouetteI drove home from Bible study tonight with a great sunset in view. Mt. Diablo was silhouetted against the sky just as in the picture above. California Sunset - Central Valley - Water Canal - Mount DiabloI took the pictures here four years ago and used them in a post called California Sunset.

Night at Netanya, Israel, Sunset over Mediterranean SeaI am also thinking that the chance of seeing a sunset over the Mediterranean is now just three weeks away. My trip to Israel is drawing closer and I am having memories of past trips there.

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives - Dome of the RockOf course, one of the highlights will be visiting Jerusalem although this will come later in the trip.

Dead Sea - Israel - Lowest Point on EarthOne part of the trip that I am really looking forward to is visiting the Dead Sea. This time I should get the chance to soak in the sea as we plan on staying overnight in the area.

Now for some sleep 🙂


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Wednesday Wanderings IV

Another busy Wednesday so a short post tonight.

I was looking for inspiration so asked on Facebook what type of post I should make tonight. Flowers, animals or landscape. I had one request which was for landscape.

This is sort of a landscape post, probably more accurately a cityscape.

The three pictures that will be in this post were all taken within about a minute of each other during a trip to Tokyo earlier this year.

Tokyo Sunset, Tokyo, Japan, Sunset, Red Sky, Wednesday WanderingsWe were out walking and as we emerged from under an overpass I saw a beautiful sunset in progress. The camera came out and I took this beautiful picture of the sunset.

I like that way that the trees are silhouetted against the sunset.

Urban Sunset, Sunset and Reflection, Red sky, MoatA little bit further down the sidewalk I stopped and took this picture of the sunset reflected in a moat.

I really love the colors in this picture and the many different details. You can even see leaves floating on the water that add texture to the picture.

Click on One Last Sunset for another Tokyo sunset picture.

I then turned around and looked the other way and took this next picture.

Cherry Blossoms, Tokyo, Moat, Cherry Blossoms at SunsetEarly April is the time for Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo and here we have a nice row of cherry trees in full bloom.  The trees are all hanging out over the same moat that is in the previous picture.

The picture is a bit dark, but very realistic as to how it looks at that time of the evening. You can barely see that there are both white and pink blossoms on the trees.

I am sure that my friend that requested a landscape will be happy with these pictures.

Now for some sleep before another busy day.


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