Getting Ready to Observe Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend is an important one as we get ready to observe Memorial Day.

My plan for Monday is to attend the observance at the local cemetery. I need to find out what time the ceremony begins.

Memorial Day - Little Arlington - Tracy, California - Graves of VeteransI have many memories of Memorial Day growing up. We would often go and visit my Dad’s parents and visit graves near the Iowa/Missouri border.

Veterans Day - Howard Braman - Vietnam - Germany - Korea - VFW - DAV - Military Burial - Houser Cemetery - Northboro, IowaOne of the cemeteries was the Houser Cemetery near Coin, Iowa where my Van Duzor ancestors are buried.

Memorial Day - Gun Volleys - Veterans - VFWI always remember seeing Veterans at the cemetery on Memorial Day as they go to honor their comrades who lost their life in service to our country.

Memorial Day - Franklin D. Roosevelt quote - Forget in time that men have died to win themI look forward to Monday as we remember this important day.

I also plan on writing about a 3rd Great Uncle who lost his life at the beginning of the Civil War and is buried in the first National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

See Memorial Day Observances for another 3rd Great Uncle who lost his life in the Civil War.


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