Oak Island – Back to the Swamp

Season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island continues to show new discoveries and theories.

This week on Oak Island they first showed the latest developments in the Quadrilateral and the Garden Shaft.

In the Quadrilateral they found what might be a fragment of a cannon ball.

In the Garden Shaft they continued the probe drilling.

Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?Of course, one thing to remember is that the dig season is already over. They have taken the time to determine how to present things each week to build suspense and keep viewers tuned in.

oak Island, Money Pit, Mahone BayThey had a meeting in the War Room where they shared magnetometer scans from the swamp and talked about the process of getting permits to continue investigating the swamp. They said that they finally received the permission and were waiting for the permits.

The permits finally arrived and they set up a pump to start draining the swamp again. This time they are using a much larger pump.

They talked to the expert on the swamp conductivity survey and discussed targets for investigation.

After draining most of the water out of the swamp, they started to clear some of the mud out near the edge looking for the anomalies. A little below the surface they found a layer of cobbles that looks as though they may be a ramp that leads from the paved area to the old stone road.

They will have to wait until the swamp dries out a bit more before moving to other areas of interest.

Curse of Oak Island, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

In the Garden Shaft they ran into something solid with one of the drills while making a probe. They tried to drill through the object for more than a half hour before finally making it past the obstruction, but nothing was found. They finished the probe drilling for the level and are moving on to construct the next level deeper. They have to remove eight more feet of muck and shore it up with new wood. They will then run another series of probes.oak island, curse of oak lsland, satellite, money pitIn the quadrilateral, they started to remove some of the boulders so they could see if there was anything below them. They found a piece of old glass near where the boulders were, but in the end it doesn’t look like they have found anything significant in the Quadrilateral

In the preview of the next episode they again talked about finding gold, and also found something that has ties to Sardinia and of course the Templars. An expert talked about how what they had found may have worldwide impact. What did they find?

This episode was titled Ramping Up. This would be the discovery of the ramp in the swamp.

It will be interesting to find out next week what the expert thinks may have worldwide impact.


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