Wednesday Image Search – Far

Welcome to another Wednesday Image Search where I pick a string of letters or a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

Last week I searched for ‘ear.’ This week I will search for ‘far.’

What images will I find?

Bauernfrüstück, Farmer’s Breakfast, potato omelette with egg, roasted potatoes, onions, baconThe first image is of a Farmer’s Breakfast at the Kartofelhaus in Jena, Germany. I always enjoy this dish when I visit Jena.

iowa farmer, FFA, Braman, Hamburg Iowa, Council BluffsHere is a scan of an article about my Dad when he became an Iowa Farmer in the FFA.

Wells Fargo Stage Wagon, Museum, San Francisco, Concord StageHere is a Wells Fargo stagecoach in a museum in downtown San Francisco. I took this while waiting for a new passport. My old one had filled up and I was kept from flying to South Africa. I was halfway there and had to come back home to renew the passport.

Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd, Covid-19 Cover StoryNext we have the cover of Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. This is from my Penguin Popular Classics collection that takes up almost an entire bookshelf.

Harvest of Progress - Statue - Tracy, California - Railroad and Farm - Railroad ConductorFinally, we have the sculpture Harvest of Progress which features a Farmer and a Rail Man standing back to back. These were the two main industries in our town in the early years.

There were a lot of  ‘far’ pictures to choose from. It is interesting what words have ‘far’ in them. I hope you enjoyed my selections.

Which is your favorite of these ‘far’ pictures?

What should I search for next?  I have started a new series with ‘?ar’ so the next one will probably be ‘gar.’


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