Carnivore Dinner

Tonight I am thinking about a unique restaurant that I ate at during my last trip to South Africa. I am reading a book that is set in southern Africa which had me think back to my last trip there.

The name of the restaurant is Carnivore and it is definitely meat centered.

Carnivore, Johannesburg, South Africa, Restaurant, MeatThe Carnivore is in Muldersdrift just outside of Johannesburg. It is on the grounds of the Misty Hills Country hotel.

Carnivore, Churrascaria, Johannesburg, Game MeatThe Carnivore is an all you can eat restaurant and was inspired by the Brazilian churrascaria restaurants. In a churrascaria the meat is roasted in a BBQ style with either wood or charcoal. In South Africa this style is known as braai.

Rodizio, Braai, South Africa, Carnivore, BBQThe food is served in the rodizio style. The meat is roasted on skewers that are later carried around by the waiters to each table and served. For larger pieces of meat pieces are carved off of the skewers at the table. For smaller pieces like sausages, they may just simply slide them off of the skewers.

Rodizio, Churrascaria, Carnivore, Meat, RestaurantHere my colleague Dantes is being served some chicken. The chicken was really good, it was well cooked, but still moist and had a wonderful smoky flavor from the BBQ.

Zebra meat, BBQ, Braai, South Africa, CarnivoreA wide range of meats were served during the dinner. In the picture above I have some strips of zebra meat. The zebra was really good. Other meats included beef, chicken, crocodile, eland, kudu and pork. There were also several types of meat balls and sausage.

All of the meat was really good. We didn’t just eat meat, there was also a nice soup and salad to start as well as several sides that were served during the dinner.

However, the meat was the star of the meal.

Carnivore, Johannesburg, Grill, Unique restaurantThe decor of the restaurant was also really nice. They had many hunting scenes as well as images from African history. This is what made me remember this trip tonight as the book was about some historical events in Africa.

Eating at the Carnivore was definitely a great experience. The food was great and I was able to check a few foods off of my bucket list.

If you are in Johannesburg, this is a must visit if you are a carnivore 🙂


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  1. Interesting title and post!

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