Trees Down

This month we have had a series of storms that have dropped lots of rain on our area. The ground is wet and along with some high winds we have had some trees down.

Tonight I thought I would share a few pictures from the neighborhood.

walk, sunset, mushrooms, tree down, gazebo, storm cloudsThis down tree was from a block away. This one blew over with the high winds several weeks ago.

High Wind, saturated soil, park warning, treesThere were High Wind Warning signs posted at the nearby park and there was some damage to the trees.

trees, high winds, wet soil, storm, trees downSome of the trees just lost some big limbs like the one shown here. I am pretty sure they will remove this tree later this year as it is mostly dead. They will probably evaluate it once the trees start budding.

trees, high winds, wet soil, storm, trees downThere is a row of trees along a sidewalk at the park that have always leaned because of the predominate wind from the west. Here you can see one that is leaning, but it was not affected by the wind or wet soil. You can see that the limbs are parallel to the ground.

trees, high winds, wet soil, storm, trees downHowever, this tree toppled over because of the wet ground and the high winds. It will be interesting to see what they do with the tree as the roots are still mainly intact. Will they prop it back up and try to save it? Or, will it be simply removed?

trees, high winds, wet soil, storm, trees downHere is another tree that went down in the neighborhood. It has been blocking the sidewalk for several weeks now. This is not on my normal walking route, and I have always avoided this sidewalk as the limbs hung too low. I am sure that at some point it will get cleaned up. It is probably not high on the priority list as there are areas of town that have major tree damage and still have flooding issues.


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  1. Heard and been thinking about you

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