Another Season of Oak Island

Tonight marked the beginning of another season of Oak Island as the season premier of The Curse of Oak Island aired.

They started of with an episode of Digging Down which gave some glimpses into the season. They gave some hints as to what will come later in the season. It will be interesting to watch the episodes this season to see what they find and also how they re-interpret  some of the finds over the years. As everyone who follows the show knows, they are constantly looking back at old discoveries to see how they fit into the newest theories.Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?They showed some new tools that they will be using this year, along with a enhanced lab which is said to be the best lab east of Montreal. This will expedite identification of objects as many more items can be analyzed on site. It is cool to see some of the instrumentation in the lab.

Oak Island, treasure, Randal SullivanOf course, metal detecting is always a big part of the show and they gave hints about a very old object that they had found that is delicate. It will be interesting later in the season to see what it is.

Curse of Oak Island, Mahone Bay, Nova ScotiaIt is interesting that in the Digging Down episode not much was said about the Portuguese connections. Has this theory lost some favor? However, in the premier episode they did do a recap of the Portuguese trip and some of what they found. They also mentioned that they have teams in several archives in Europe doing research looking for related information.

In the premier episode they continued to drill bore holes in the Money Pit area with more wood coming up. There is more evidence of tunnels, which continue to help build the picture of what happened in the past. In the second half of the episode they sent a camera down one of the bore holes to see if they could see the tunnel that is more that 100 feet underground. They were able to see a few wooden beams so they followed this up with by sending a sonar device down the bore hole to see what they could find.

The wood from the tunnel was sent off for dating and came back with a possible pre-searcher date. Perhaps it is from the original construction of the money pit.

We also were able to see some of the new equipment in the lab being used as a metal detecting find was scanned to determine what it was. It was heavily encrusted but they were able to see the shape of the item and determine that it was a hook used for moving cargo. The mystery deepens as to why it was found at the location on Lot 8.

Another small flat metal object found while metal detecting was found and analyzed. It may be a coin or token more than 400 years old as it has a high concentration of arsenic.

There was a lot more as the episode was two hours long and there is promise of future finds later in the season. The next episode will include a trip to England in search of Templar connections, so should be interesting.

What more will they find this year?


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