Thinking of Brazilian Food

Tomorrow I am teaching a virtual course in Brazil, so I am thinking about some of the food that I have eaten in Brazil.

Eating was sometimes an adventure as I was sometimes on my own and it was difficult to order.

Breakfast, Hotel, Ibis, Interlagos, BrazilDuring my last trip to Brazil the hotel had a breakfast buffet. I just had to grab a plate and fill it up. It was pretty much standard worldwide breakfast fare with eggs, sausage, cheese, fruit and bread. On the left you see a small banana. I really like these bananas. They are a bit sweeter and firmer than the larger bananas we are used to in the US.

Salmon, risotto, lunch, brazil, foodLunch was a bit easier to manage as I had my students with me. They would help me order and make sure I got what I wanted. Here is a typical lunch with a nice piece of salmon with some risotto.

During my last trip we usually went to a small food court area at a nearby university campus.

buffet lunch, brazil, sao paulo, brazil cuisineOne day we went to a restaurant that had food from a buffet. You would fill up your plate and then they weigh the food. We usually see this only for salad bars in the US, so it was interesting. I did see this the first time I was in Sao Paulo back in 2002, so it was not a new concept to me.

churrascaria, meat, food, brazilian BBQOn the first Friday we had a special lunch at churrascaria or Brazilian BBQ. The meat is all cooked over a charcoal or wood grill and they then bring it around to the tables. There are always many types of meat to choose from.

feijoada, beans and rice, Brazilian Stew, comfort food

On the weekend during my last trip the manager took his daughter and I to the zoo and then we had a lunch where we enjoyed Feijoada.

Feijoada is known as the Brazilian national dish and is often served on weekend afternoons. The beans are stewed with different meats and served over rice. Black beans are usually the type that are used, but in some areas they may use brown, red or even white beans.

sushi, brazil, strawberry sushi, sashimiNow for a bonus. Did you know that sushi is popular in Brazil? There is a large Japanese population in Sao Paulo where I was. There were some interesting types of sushi that I had not seen before. See: Sushi in Brazil

Now for some rest so I am fresh for the class tomorrow.


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