A Tired Thursday

Tonight I am a bit worn out.

So I am sharing a few napping pictures. There is info about them near the end of the post.

Nap Time, Nebraska Sweatshirt, Relaxing at Grandma'sIt has been a long week of commuting and teaching. The drives home the last two nights have been longer than usual with a few accidents slowing things down.

Dad Sleeping, Grandma's House, Sunday Nap, RelaxingI also have had a few things slowing down my class and had to stay late finishing things up after work today. Fortunately, tomorrow is the last day of the class, but we have a lot to cover before the test.

Sleeping, nap time, grandpa and granddaughter, Throwback ThursdayI did take a walk this evening, but not too long of a one. The first day under three miles of walking since the big heat wave we had this summer.

Nap, chair, lazy boy, mona lisaNow to the pictures in this post. The first three have been used before in a post titled Too Tired to Post as well as a few other posts

The first picture is an old one of me napping at my Grandparent’s house near Hamburg, Iowa.

The second picture is my Dad in the same chair.

The third picture is my maternal Grandfather napping with my older sister.

The last picture is on of my paternal Grandfather napping with me. However, I don’t think he was getting much of a nap.

These pictures all bring back some good memories. I had some good examples when it came to napping properly.

I now need to get this posted and get some sleep. Another early start to my commute in the morning.


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