Japanese Garage Memories

Tonight I am thinking back to a post that I made ten years ago.

Wednesday is a very busy day, so I will just post a couple interesting pictures from a recent trip to Japan.

The first picture is of a garage that is a bit too small.

This was near our hotel where we stayed after a very late night of work at the University Hospital. In the morning as we walked through the drizzle toward the parking lot we were parked in, I had to stop and take this picture of a garage that just wasn’t big enough for the family SUV. I may have gotten a little bit wet while stopping to take the picture, but it was an interesting reminder of how precious space is in some areas of Japan.

Now for a different type of garage.

This is a garage that is just for bikes. This one is in Kyoto and is just behind one of the main retail streets. During the day the garage runs a brisk business with workers and customers, and then the residents in the area use it at night. A good use of space, and I assume that it is a good moneymaking business as well.


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