Fireworks Location Change

This evening I was looking at my Facebook feed and discovered that the local fireworks display will be at a different location.

Fire Works - 4th of July - Most Liked Posts - Holiday FireworksThe fireworks, while I have lived here, have always been at the same location near a large park and a high school.

Fireworks - Apricot Fiesta - Patterson, California - Celebration - BlogiversaryThis year the fireworks will be at the opposite edge of town near another of our high schools. There will be no parking on the roads or streets close to the display. Instead an entry fee is charged to park in the school parking lot. There will be some additional entertainment at the stadium. This is similar to what they did on the other side of town but you were only charged if you went to the stadium at the high school there.

Fireworks, four shells, purple, orange, Best Fireworks, Tracy, CaliforniaI looked to see why I had not seen the location change earlier. In the local newspaper for today, it was in the events calendar, but unless you make it a habit to go on-line to read it you may have missed it. Even then, you may have missed it. The week before it was buried in an article about 4th of July traditions being confirmed. I guess the location of the fireworks is not a tradition, but the fact that they have them.

Tracy, California, Fireworks, Fourth of July, Independence DayI am thinking of what I will do this year. I don’t know if I want to navigate the traffic jam this will cause. I have usually just walked to the fireworks before. I am not sure where a good location would be to observe the fireworks, but could walk to a location that has a good view. Before I always new where to take good pictures.

I may even be able to see them form the park near my house, but probably not very well.

I am thinking of all the families that traditionally go to the park. There is always a very large crowd, with a lot of the families having been there all day. Many of them having walked to the park from the surrounding neighborhoods.

Perhaps I will just stay near home and enjoy all the illegal fireworks. Many of them are almost as large and noisy.


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1 Response to Fireworks Location Change

  1. L says:

    That’s too bad that the people who make the changes don’t think about the minuses of change and the havoc it causes …. so sad , but others say changes are inevitable 🙃

    I say it change always better for those involved

    ~ your Nebraska Cousin LaDona

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