Wednesday Image Search – Sea

Welcome to another Wednesday Image Search where I pick a string of letters or a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

This week I decided to search for ‘sea’. I am thinking that this will give range of images.

What images will I find?

Sea Lion Jumping - Perfect Timing - Taronga Zoo - Sydney, Australia - Sea Lion - Water ShowWith the first image we have a Sea Lion at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. I had good timing to get this picture.

United Seat Map, SFO-HND, Economy Plus, open seatsFor our second image we have a seat map for a flight I was taking from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Dead Sea Scroll, Kando Store, Bethlehem, Dead Sea Scroll JarHere is one of the jars that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in. This was in a shop in Bethlehem.

mac and cheese, powdered cheese, seasoningsThis picture was labeled cheese with seasoning. I am going to have some mac and cheese sometimes soon.

Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, Galilee, Sunrise

Finally, we have a sunrise on the Sea of Galilee. This was taken during my first trip to Israel.

I had a lot of interesting sea pictures to choose from.

Which is your favorite of these ‘sea’ pictures?

What should I search for next?


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