Ellett Bolen in the Civil War

Each Memorial Day I take time to remember my 3rd Great Uncle Ellett Bolen.

Solomon Rowe - Mahanna Bolin - Memorial Day - Civil War Dead - IowaEllett was the brother of my 2nd Great Grandmother Mahana Bolen who is in the picture above with my 2nd Great Grandfather Solomon Row.

Iowa County Iowa, Jeremiah Rowe, MigrationEllett Bolen was the only son of Thomas and Mary Manly Bolen and had four sisters. Ellett Bolin enlisted in the Iowa Volunteers, Twenty-Eight Infantry, Company I on August 11, 1862. Ellett mustered in on September 13 leaving his family behind in Millersburg, Iowa.

On May 16, 1863 Ellett was wounded in the Battle of Champion Hill/Bakers Creek in Mississippi and was taken prisoner. He was later paroled and rejoined his company.

Mansfield, Louisiana - Battle of Mansfield - Battle of Sabine CrossroadsIn early 1864 the disastrous Red River Campaign began and Ellett was killed in action at the Battle of Mansfield/Sabine Crossroads in Louisiana on April 8, 1864.

Battle of Mansfield, Battle of Sabine Crossroads, Civil War, Memorial DayI am trying to find out where Ellett is buried. My assumption is that he is buried on or near the battlefield in Louisiana and most likely in an unmarked grave.

I can only imagine the reaction that the family had to the news that their son and brother had been captured, paroled and then later killed in battle. It must have been a very hard time for the family. Unfortunately, we do not have any family stories from this time that I know about. I do however know what many families have gone through today when they hear news about loved ones who have lost their life in service to their country.

Great Uncle, Army, Army Nurse, MemoriesAs I write this I can’t help but think about Ellett’s great nephew Fred Hotchkiss who passed away several years ago. My Great Uncle Fred was a veteran who had spent many years serving our country.


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