The 4 Scalawags

Tonight I ran across a picture that has always made me wonder.

picture, sisters, 1952, coloradoI am pretty sure that these four scalawags are my Great-Grandma’s sisters.

My Great-Grandma had eight sisters, so which ones are these?

picture, sisters, 1952, coloradoThe picture was sent to my Great-Grandma Lottie Grace and the date is 1952.

The date narrows down who the sisters would be.

Enola lived in Kansas City and did not die until 1957.

Carrie died in 1930.

Georgia had lived in California, but may have moved to Colorado by 1952 where she died in 1972.

Leah died in 1924.

Lottie lived in Iowa, and was the recipient of the picture.

Mary was most likely living in Denver in 1952.

Goldia lived in Prowers, Colorado at that time.

Florine was probably still living in Colorado in 1952, she later moved to San Diego.

Ruth, the youngest died young in 1907.

My deduction is that the 4 scalawags are Georgia, Mary, Goldia and Florine. However, maybe Enola was visiting from Kansas City.

I need to look at other pictures, but one of my cousins may be able to tell me who is who in this picture.


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