A 2018 Visit to Suzhou

Back in 2018 I took a trip to Shanghai for a train the trainer course. During the trip we made a trip to Suzhou to visit the production line for the product we were working with.

I have been thinking about this trip this week as one of the pictures I took was similar to one I found in an old coffee table book about China.

Fish in China, Cuisine, Suzhou, Chinese FoodBefore visiting the factory that day we first stopped for a very nice lunch. One of the items we had for lunch was a very delicious fish.

Jinji Lake, Suzhou, ChinaThe restaurant where we had lunch is at Jinji Lake in Suzhou which is very scenic. The day was very foggy, but sometimes that makes for a unique picture.

Bridge, Suzhou, China, Jinji LakeThere are many bridges in Suzhou. This is one that we crossed to get to the restaurant at Jinji Lake.

Old Town Suzhou, Canal, River boat, ChinaAfter visiting the factory we visited an old area of Suzhou that is along one of the historic canals. This is the picture that is similar to the one from the coffee table book. The picture in the book was not as colorful as the area along some of the canals has since been turned into a historic district full of shops and restaurants.

Suzhou Canal at night, Suzhou China, River Boats, Canal BoatsWe had a very light dinner along the canal while watching the boats ply up and down the waterway.

Suzhou is a very interesting place. I hope that I will visit there again someday.


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