Ten Years of Braman’s Wanderings

Tonight I noticed that I started my blog ten years ago.

The first blog post was very short.

Welcome to Braman’s Wanderings!

A blog to share my Wanderings, whether they are physical or just a wandering mind. I plan to share a bit about the trips I take and also some of the pictures I take along the way.  I may also share some of my writings, genealogy research, musings and whatever else may cross my mind.

We will see how often it gets updated :-). No promises.

Steven Braman

However, the blog didn’t really get started until the 2nd of June. Since that time I have missed less than 20 days of blogging. Most of these were while traveling in China when I didn’t have access.

My first blog post after the welcome was Take off to Canada.

This also included my first picture in the blog which had actually been taken in Japan.

Paradise Bay Antarctica - Ice and Snow in Antarctica - Antarctica rock reflectionIn the last ten years I have traveled to six continents to teach classes and have also shared pictures and memories from Antarctica where I had traveled to previous to starting the blog.

blog stats, country visits, geographyMy blog has been visited by people from all over the world, and I hope I have helped them find information they were looking for, or just brightened their day with a nice picture or story.

Brazier, Chinese Food, Meat and Veggies, Chinese RestaurantI have written a lot about food from places I have visited, or maybe just something I made at home.

Amish Beard - Amish - Beard without mustache - Amish HeritageI have also shared some writings about Amish History, genealogy and culture.

I have also written a lot about History and genealogy of other branches of my family.

Newbery Medal Winners - Newbery Challenge - Book Award Winners - Newberry StickersBooks has been another common subject I have written about.

I could go on and on about things I have written about as my mind wanders all over the place and I have to write about where it goes sometimes.

I hope you have enjoyed the posts though the years. Now on to the next years.



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