Caged Bald Eagle

Tonight I thought about a picture that I took about ten years ago.

Toronto Zoo, Zoos, Toronto, CanadaI was in Toronto, Canada and one of my students dropped me off at the zoo on the weekend. I had a great day wandering through the zoo and observing the many animals.

However, one exhibit has always stuck in my memory.

bald eagle, america, toronto zoo, zoo, cagedAt the zoo there was a Bald Eagle in a cage. It was interesting to see the National Bird of the United States in a cage.

I had seen many Bald Eagles in the wild in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. This was mainly when they were still on the Endangered Species list.  However, I had never seen one in a cage.

A lot of thoughts went through my mind of seeing the Bald Eagle in a cage. I often thought of this as Caged Freedom.

However, I knew that many visitors to the zoo would not have the opportunity to see a Bald Eagle in the wild, so it was good that they could see one there.

My favorite memory of seeing a Bald Eagle in the wild was driving down the highway in Kansas while following a Bald Eagle that was flying just above and in front of me.





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