Museo Ralli – Uruguay

Tonight I will share pictures from the Patio de Esculturas del Museo Ralli, or the Patio of Sculpture of the Ralli Museum.

The Museo Ralli is in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Punta del Este is a resort city along the Atlantic coast.

I am also thinking about the next stop on our tour which was the Crazy Bridge.

My sister and I visited the Museo Ralli during our cruise to Antarctica.

Museo Ralli, Punta del Este, Uruguay, Sculpture, Culture I like the fountain and pools in front of the museum. Especially the white and blue of the tiles.

I also like the museum building. The architecture is very South American and is very fitting for the area.

The museum is full of interesting art. Sculpture and paintings make up the majority of the collection.

Patio de Esculturas del Museo Ralli, John Robinson, Sculpture, Children at PlayHere is the Patio de Esculturas. The patio contains work by Salvador Dali, Mario Aguirre Roa, Heriberto Juarez and John Robinson.

Recorder Player, John Robinson, Punta del Este, Uruguay, Museo Ralli, SculptureMy favorite sculpture in the courtyard is the Recorder Player by John Robinson.

These two are part of a set of life size sculptures of children at play. In the picture of the entire patio there is a sculpture of a boy and his dog that is also part of the set.

John Robinson was a British sculptor and is known for his figurative sculptures of children and athletes.

Recorder Player, John Robinson, Punta del Este, Uruguay, Museo Ralli, SculptureI really like the expressiveness in this sculpture. You can almost hear the melody of the recorder as she plays.

Of course it helps if you are playing music at the same time. I can imagine her playing along with the Classical music (Wagner) I am listening to now.

Recorder Player, John Robinson, Punta del Este, Uruguay, Museo Ralli, SculptureThis is my favorite picture from the visit to the Museo Ralli.

The contrast of the black and white in this image is striking and I also like the reflections of light off the contours of the sculpture.

This also brings back memories of playing the Tonette when I was at Douma Grade School in Ottumwa, Iowa. Our whole music class had to learn how to play the Tonette and then play in the all city concert at the Evans gym.

Of course that set the stage for playing the Cello the next year. See my post: Playing Strings

OK, enough wandering thoughts at the end of this post.

Did you ever play a Tonette or recorder?


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