Big Animals

Tonight my thoughts have wandered to zoos and to big animals. So here are five big animals from zoos in five different countries.

(Hippopotamus amphibius), hippopotamus, river horse, zoo, sao paulo zooHere is a hippopotamus from the Sao Paulo Zoo.

Indian Rhinoceros - Toronto Zoo - Ugly Beauty - Rhinoceros unicornisHere is an Indian Rhinoceros at the Toronto Zoo.

Bull Elephant, Mysore Zoo, Mysore India, Zoo, TusksThis elephant was at the Mysore, India Zoo.

Giraffe at Taronga Zoo - Animal Skyscraper - Giraffe and Skyscrapers - Taronga ZooThe Taronga Zoo in Sydney is the home to this giraffe.

Tiger, Omaha Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo, Tiger Bite, Tiger TongueFinally, we have a tiger from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.


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