Virtual Meals

Today I started teaching a week long virtual course in Brazil.

I am definitely being reminded of something that I miss when traveling somewhere to teach a course.Lunch, beans and rice, meat, banananasI enjoy having meals with the students when I travel as I get to enjoy local cuisine and also learn more about the local culture.

buffet lunch, brazil, sao paulo, brazil cuisineThe memories of food from my last course in Brazil flooded back today as I taught, and I could even recall the tastes and smells.

Churrascariia, bbq, brazilian, all you can eatHowever, the virtual meals are not very filling.

sushi, brazil, strawberry sushi, sashimiSo I still had to figure out something to eat at home as memories do not fill the stomach.

tang, brazil, powdered drink mix, astronauts, flavorsI do have one memory that I can relive from the trip and that is drinking Tang. I still have a few packets left of the ones that I bought during my last trip. Today I had a Citrus flavored Tang and tomorrow I may have Peach or Strawberry.

Today was a long day with a lot of lecture, but tomorrow will have much more hands-on and I can give my voice a rest. It is difficult lecturing virtually, especially when covering technical subject.

Having to be up very early because of the time difference is not much fun either 🙂


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