Cold Sunday Morning

This morning was very cold for our area. When I woke up it was only 27 degrees.cold, sunday, freezing, California, central valleyThere was frost on the lawn and the driveway was very cold on my bare feet when I went out to pick up the newspaper. It was also very foggy.

cold, sunday, freezing, California, central valleyBy the time I left for worship services it was still very foggy and the temps were still below freezing.

cold, sunday, freezing, California, central valleyAs I headed south the fog all of a sudden lifted and it was very sunny.

By the time I made it to Patterson the temperature was 40 degrees.

cold, sunday, freezing, California, central valleyI thought that I would have a clear drive home, but as I headed north I could see the low clouds and fog in the distance.

cold, sunday, freezing, California, central valleyI was soon back in the fog, but it was not as dense as it had been a few hours earlier.

The temperature at home was still in the low 30’s at noon, but it has warmed up since.

The temperatures will not be as cold as the week progresses and we may even see some rain by the end of the week.

It was interesting to see the big difference in the weather in just a short distance.

Welcome to California and micro-climates.




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2 Responses to Cold Sunday Morning

  1. So it isn’t only Ohio that has a big variety, and you can expect anything, anytime!

  2. Commitment was stronger than the weather as you traveled to services. As well here we were in the teens. We have a worship team who presents the music and they practice at 8 a.m. As a musician I spend my starting time in the day hearing their efforts. As the morning went, a 30 mins is available to share snacks , then Sunday study time, previous to the main service at 10:30. Compared to your cold Sunday morning, it was warmer as we met the sunshine. We know the Sonshine is always warm and strong.

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