Last Day of 2021

The year is drawing to a close, and I am thinking about the exciting places that I visited this year. The furthest from home that I wandered was to a warehouse in Milpitas which was about 50 miles away. I did make a trip to Modesto to get a COVID test and have been down to Patterson now that we are meeting in person on Sunday morning. However, most of my trips were to the grocery store, library and the office.

Central Valley, Tomato Harvest, Farming, food, tomato trucksIt was nice to see the tomato harvest underway during my Sunday morning drives.

livermore hills, snow, snow levels, winter stormAlso seeing the snow in the hills last Sunday.

United 787, KIX, Osaka Airport, Kansai Internation Airport, United AirlinesIt has now been more than two years since I have flown in an airplane, and I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

New Car, Ford Fusion, Plug-in hybrid, Blue Car, BlueyI am driving a bit more now, but still far less than I have in past years. My new car is over two years old and still has less than nine thousand miles. I only filled up with gas one time this year.

library, book, blossoms, beesI did make routine trips to the library. It was nice that they opened back up for browsing earlier this year. I did read a lot of books this year, but not as many as some years in the past. I also made good progress on some of my reading challenges. A little bit more focused reading this year., calendar, 2021, ordering on-line, barns, eagles, book shelvesTomorrow is an important day, as it will be time to hang my calendars for 2022. I did not buy as many calendars this year, and will have to make a few tough decisions on which places to leave bare.

Now to think about some resolutions.


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