Time to Read from Dickens

When I think of what to read at Christmas time I often think of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Christmas Carol - Time Travel - Charles Dickens - TravelThis is one copy of the book that I have. It was printed in 1908 and is a bit worn from being read many times over the years.

When I think of A Christmas Carol I always remember a library program that I attended back in the mid 90’s in Kansas City. Gerald Dickens the great, great grandson of Charles Dickens presented part of A Christmas Carol at the local library. I was fortunate to meet him and shake his hand as I was good friends with several of the library staff. Always remember, be nice to your librarians 🙂

Roberta Paflin - Old Scrooge sat in his Countinghouse - A Christmas Carol - Charles DickensThe images of A Christmas Carol that stick with me are from the animated version from 1962 that is often shown at Christmas time. I always see Mr. Magoo as Ebeneezer Scrooge when I read the book.

Charles Dickens - Christmas Books - Oxford Illustrated - A Christmas Carol - The Cricket on the HearthDickens also wrote several other Christmas books and stories. They fill two volumes of The Oxford Illustrated Dickens.

Dickens Christmas Stories - Oxford Illustrated - Christmas Stories - Wilkie Collins - Household WordsYou can read more about his other stories in my post Dickens Christmas.

Grandpa Braman - A Dicken's Christmas? - Full White Beard - Top HatDickens and Christmas also make me think of my Grandpa. He looks a bit like he could have stepped out of a Dickens’ novel in this picture.

Will you read A Christmas Carol or watch one of the versions on TV this year?


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