The Rainy Season Begins

This week the rainy season is getting underway.

ranindrops on roses, sound of music, roses, leaves, raindropsThis picture is from last year, but it looked very similar this morning, except it was darker as I left home before the sun was up.

Rain, STorm, California, Windy, AltamontMy drive to work was not too fun as it rained almost the whole way there.

Thankfully the drive home was dry.

Red Rose, Mr. Lincoln, rose Bush, Raindrops on RosesOne nice thing about the rainy season is raindrops on roses. I am looking forward to seeing the raindrops on the last roses of the year. I still have a couple months as my roses bloom all the way through December.

Rainbow, Rain, California Spring, Traffic, CommuteI am also looking forward to seeing some rainbows. It is nice to see them while commuting since it usually means that the rain is clearing up.

Raindrops on Roses - Rose Leaves - Raindrops - Blooming RosesThe forecast is calling for for high winds tomorrow and heavy rain on Sunday. It looks like I will have an excuse for not mowing this weekend as the grass is wet from the rain today and will be wet again on Sunday.

I really need to do some clean up of my roses, so perhaps I will do some yard work.

But, it has been a long week, so perhaps I will just relax instead 🙂


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