Lego Masters Finale Disappointment

After watching the Lego Masters all through this second season I was all excited to watch the finale.

The builds from the three teams that were left all looked fantastic.

The judges had given feedback on all three builds and were deliberating.

The show went to commercial break.

During the commercial break there was breaking news as the Governor wanted to give a speech after he was declared safe from his recall.

Lego Flowers, Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest, Lego FlowersCould he not have waited five minutes and given the speech at the top of the hour?

The station  announced after the speech that they would announce the winners of Lego Masters during the 10 o’clock news.

This is like watching all but the last minute of a sporting event and coming back from commercial to watch a movie. Oh, wait didn’t that happen 53 years ago here in California?

At least I can look up who won on the internet, which I haven’t done yet.

Do I try to avoid seeing the result and watch the show again on demand tomorrow and get that same build up to the reveal of the winner. This would be difficult to do as the newspaper tomorrow morning will have an article as one of the teams is from Stockton.

I guess I will just check and see who won.

Thank you Newsome.


p.s. The only picture I used in this post is of Lego flowers from Singapore Gardens by the Bay.

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